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Press Release: Flying Dog Brewery to Celebrate Brew Year’s Eve with Special Midnight Brewery Tour

Yes, the "Repeal Day" they mention in this press release is a different date from the "Repeal Day" I blogged about in December. The difference is that the April 7th date corresponds to when the prohibition of beer only was repealed—i.e., Prohibition (with a captial P) was partially repealed, with 3.2% alcohol beer, in April, and the full meal deal was December 5th. But why quibble? Maybe it should be a twice-a-year holiday! Denver, CO … Continue reading →

A couple of amusing links

Nothing heavy here, just a couple of goofy beer links. First is a YouTube user-made commercial… a parody "beer" called "Buck Light." It’s pretty crude. But they’re obviously making a statement as to American macro lager… Second is "32 Things You Can Do with Beer." Fun read, mostly goofy. I mean, clear up brown spots on the lawn? Your mileage may vary.

Press Release: Flying Dog Brewery to Release New Whiskey Barrel-Aged Beer

Brewery Uses a Neighboring Distillery’s Barrels to Put a New Twist on the Popular Gonzo Imperial Porter Denver, CO – March 20, 2007 – Flying Dog Brewery, Denver’s largest craft brewer has announced the release of their Whiskey Barrel-Aged Gonzo Imperial Porter. The new beer is the latest addition to the brewery’s “Wild Dog” Series, their portfolio of high-gravity experimental beers, exclusively available in 750ml champagne bottles. This unique version of Flying Dog’s popular Gonzo … Continue reading →

San Diego breweries

Next week, we’re going to be in San Diego for spring break, and one of the things I’m looking forward to is hitting some of the breweries they have down there (and writing about them, of course). Time permitting, naturally, so if nothing else, I figure the one brewery I have to visit is Stone Brewing. No question. The last time we were there, we visited one of the Oggi’s and San Diego Brewing. It’s … Continue reading →

The Hairy Eyeball Ale

I think Lagunitas‘ The Hairy Eyeball takes a prize for one of the best (strangest?) names for a beer. I know I picked up a six-pack based on the name. Well, that and it’s a whopping 9% alcohol by volume. Lagunitas is developing a reputation, like Dogfish Head and Stone Brewing, for extreme beers, I think. And they’re doing a good job of it. Although I would classify this as a barleywine, rather than an … Continue reading →