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Deschutes Brewery releasing Backporch Imperial Porter

This is probably less relevant to anyone not in Oregon but I thought it was a good story with a nice local interest angle to it: Deschutes Brewery teams up with Backporch Coffee (reported on my other blog). Deschutes is brewing a coffee-infused Imperial Porter with coffee provided by a local company. The beer, aptly named "Backporch Imperial Porter," will be available in the pub only on their X-Tap. Their X-Tap is reserved for special, … Continue reading →

Raison d’Etre

The French phrase "raison d’etre" means "reason for being," and for the Dogfish Head beer of the same name, there’s a double meaning (I think): "Raison" is a bit of a pun on "raisin," which is what this beer is brewed with. Well, not only raisins: green raisins and beet sugar, and fermented with a Belgian yeast. Unusual, to say the least. At 8% alcohol by volume, it’s a Belgian strong ale by style. Appearance: … Continue reading →

Tsingtao at retail

In my review of Tsingtao, I mentioned that I didn’t think it was available at any retails outlets, only at Chinese restaurants. Not so; Lauren, the PR person who sent me the publicity package, assures me that Tsingtao certainly is available at retail in most major markets nationwide, though I’d have to look into exactly where in Bend, OR. For instance in Chicago, you can typically find it in major grocery stores or liquor stores … Continue reading →

Tsingtao Lager

As promised, here’s my review of the Tsingtao Lager I received as part of a promotional package. As I’d mentioned, Tsingtao is available in some 95% of Chinese restaurants, and those are the only places I know to buy it; I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it retailed anywhere. The thing to know about Tsingtao is even though it’s brewed in China, the style is essentially that of an Amercian Macro Lager—the light pilsner. As … Continue reading →

Tsingtao, the Year of the Boar, and PR

I love getting PR packages. The latest one that I received within this past week is for Tsingtao, the lager from China—their number one beer, and in fact is the "Number 1 branded consumer product exporter from China." That’s according to the press materials. More on those in a moment. Tsingtao is primarily marketed in Chinese restaurants; I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it sold in a retail store, and the one and only time … Continue reading →