Monthly Archives: January 2007

Odd beer news

A collection of some of the odd beer news that’s hit the web recently: Bulgaria reportedly has a breast-enhancing beer Sources here, here, and here. Bulgaria’s "Boza" beer is a traditional Turkish drink made from wheat flour and yeast and is reputed to enlarge women’s breasts. Apparently, though, customs duties on the beer were too high to be worth bringing the drink out of Bulgaria… until now. When Bulgaria joined the European Union, those duties … Continue reading →

Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale

I got a bottle of this from my Secret Santa at work before Christmas. Lucky me! I loves me a good Samuel Smith’s. Appearance: Clear, deep amber tinged with gold—like a dark honey. Fluffy smooth head, white-beige. Smell: Clean, with a rich malt and low hop profile that reminds me of an old ale. Some delicate floral notes. Taste: There’s a sour note—kind of lactic but more an acidity from roasted or black malt. Some … Continue reading →

50 beers to drink before you die, Part 9

A while back the BBC posted a feature titled “50 things to eat before you die” and I thought at the time that this would make a good topic for beer. So in the spirit of adventure and living life to the fullest, etc. etc., I’m coming up with the 50 beers to drink before you die, in ten weekly installments listing five beers each (in no particular order, other than whatever theme I fit … Continue reading →

Beer calories

Over on A Roughneck’s Take on Beer Wörtwurst has posted a link to a handy chart on listing alcohol content and calories on many brands of beer. Pretty interesting and illuminating, having that compiled together in a handy format; something I can use later, I think. He’s also found or put together a fun chart showing the "Fluid Ounces of Alcohol per Calorie" for many of those beers. Very interesting, though I’m not sure … Continue reading →

Christmas Cranberry Ale

A little past the holidays, I know, but I had a bottle of Butte Creek‘s Christmas Cranberry Ale around that time and figured, better late than never to write it up. I’d had the bottle for a while (since a summertime trip to Portland, I think), and when I opened it, it came off as rather old—like I’d had it too long. It wasn’t terrible, but the cranberry character I had been hoping for wasn’t … Continue reading →