Monthly Archives: January 2007

Beer blogging day

Stan over at Appellation Beer has come up with a nifty new idea: a beer blogging day. Food bloggers have their own cooking day once a month. Wine bloggers have Wine Blogging Wedesday. It seems that beer bloggers around the world should have something similar. So let’s start one, an event that will occur on the first Friday of every month. It doesn’t have to have a name (yet) or a logo (like wine), just … Continue reading →

Budweiser’s flavored beer mixers

I don’t remember who or where I got this link from, but I’d bookmarked it last week and then forgot about it: Hot melon in your Budweiser? It’s about Anheuser-Busch’s new "beer mixers": The Belgians love their cherry beers. Americans like to squeeze lime into their longnecks. Now Anheuser-Busch Cos. figures beer lovers are ready for its new fruity beer additives called Spykes. Analysts see it as a baby step taken by the nation’s largest … Continue reading →

Full Sail Wassail

Still catching up on my holiday beer reviews, tonight it’s Full Sail Wassail. This is a local classic,  brewed since 1988. It’s 6.5% alcohol by volume. They have the number "12" on the label… is this the 12th year bottling Wassail? Appearance: Orange-brown with red highlights. Tan head, soapy bubbles. Smell: Spicy, malty. Spice is (I think) from the hops. A little blackstrap, burnt sugar, a little lactic sourness. Taste: Old strong ale; leathery dark … Continue reading →

Dragonstooth Stout

I’d never tried any of Elysian Brewing‘s beers until recently: Dragonstooth Stout, which I received for "Secret Santa" at work last month. I don’t know why I’ve not previously tried any; I’ve seen them around. At any rate, Dragonstooth is an oatmeal stout, 7.4% alcohol by volume, and multiple award-winning. Appearance: Head is a chocolate froth, nice and thick. Coffee-black and opaque. Smell: Bittersweet chocolate/cocoa and coffee. Rich and roasty. Taste: Sweet and burnt roasted … Continue reading →

OLCC bans families from Oregon Brewers Festival

This year is the 20th annual Oregon Brewers Festival, a milestone year to be sure. As a special treat, the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) has decided to ban minors from the Festival entirely. After 19 years of promoting the Oregon Brewers Festival as a community event, we regret that we will not be allowed to have minors under the age of 21 on the festival premises in 2007. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has … Continue reading →