Beer blogging day

Stan over at Appellation Beer has come up with a nifty new idea: a beer blogging day. Food bloggers have their own cooking day once a month. Wine bloggers have Wine Blogging Wedesday. It seems that beer bloggers around the world should have something similar. So let’s start one, an … Continue reading

Budweiser’s flavored beer mixers

I don’t remember who or where I got this link from, but I’d bookmarked it last week and then forgot about it: Hot melon in your Budweiser? It’s about Anheuser-Busch’s new "beer mixers": The Belgians love their cherry beers. Americans like to squeeze lime into their longnecks. Now Anheuser-Busch Cos. … Continue reading

Full Sail Wassail

Still catching up on my holiday beer reviews, tonight it’s Full Sail Wassail. This is a local classic,  brewed since 1988. It’s 6.5% alcohol by volume. They have the number "12" on the label… is this the 12th year bottling Wassail? Appearance: Orange-brown with red highlights. Tan head, soapy bubbles. … Continue reading

Dragonstooth Stout

I’d never tried any of Elysian Brewing‘s beers until recently: Dragonstooth Stout, which I received for "Secret Santa" at work last month. I don’t know why I’ve not previously tried any; I’ve seen them around. At any rate, Dragonstooth is an oatmeal stout, 7.4% alcohol by volume, and multiple award-winning. … Continue reading

OLCC bans families from Oregon Brewers Festival

This year is the 20th annual Oregon Brewers Festival, a milestone year to be sure. As a special treat, the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) has decided to ban minors from the Festival entirely. After 19 years of promoting the Oregon Brewers Festival as a community event, we regret that … Continue reading

Playboy’s best beer list

Via Appellation Beer today comes this pointer to this article on of their picks for the ten best microbrews in America. It’s a decent list, but like all such lists, is entirely subjective. Props to including a Deschutes Brewing beer, though. 🙂 Figure anything from Playboy is NSFW, although … Continue reading

50 beers to drink before you die: the full list

Now that my "50 beers to drink before you die" series is finally done, I’m posting the full list of all 50 beers I selected for a handy reference. Organized by theme and the order in which I presented. American West Coast (Part 1) Anchor Steam Widmer Hefeweizen Shakespeare Stout … Continue reading

50 beers to drink before you die, Part 10

A while back the BBC posted a feature titled “50 things to eat before you die” and I thought at the time that this would make a good topic for beer. So in the spirit of adventure and living life to the fullest, etc. etc., I’m coming up with the … Continue reading

Rudolph’s Revenge Winter Ale

Rudolph’s Revenge Winter Ale is brewed by Cropton Brewery in England, and there’s a bit of confusion surrounding the alcohol content; the bottle I had was 6% alcohol by volume, whereas on their website they indicate a 4.6%. Odd. You’ll also notice their image to the right there says "Bitter" … Continue reading

More odd news: Beer for dogs

More odd news in the beer world: Pet shop owner creates beer for dogs. It’s making the rounds on the news sites and beer blogs, including MSNBC and CNN. AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) — After a long day hunting, there’s nothing like wrapping your paw around a cold bottle of beer. … Continue reading