Beer predictions for 2007

No, I’m not making any 2007 predictions myself, I’m pointing at others who are doing it for me. :)

Jay on the Brookston Beer Bulletin has five predictions, more generally on the business side of the beer industry. I think they’re pretty sure bets, especially his gluten free beer prediction ("Gluten-Free beer made for the growing number of people with Celiac disease will surprise most predictions and become a bigger niche than expected.")—which I kind of touched on in my 2006 trends post.

Stan on Appellation Beer weighs in with a set of nine goofy 2007 predictions. Nothing serious here, but it’s all fun.

The Brew Lounge has their predictions, mixing it up a bit between serious and silly predictions. I like their first one in particular, that of a growing trend of "smaller" beers (as opposed to the recent trend of "big" imperial/double styles), and number five, more growth in the unusual/outside-of-mainstream beer trend.

Okay, after reading these over, maybe I will make some 2007 predictions of my own. I’ll think about it.