HistoryThe end of Prohibition: Repeal Day

It was on December 5th, 1933, 73 years ago today when the 21st Amendment was ratified and Prohibition was abolished in the United States. Here’s an interesting notion: the Belmont Station blog points to this blog post which advocates making December 5th a holiday celebrating the repeal of Prohibition, called … Continue reading

Beer Advent CalendarAdvent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 5: Bah Humbug

With Lump of Coal yesterday there might appear to be a theme with today’s Bah Humbug Christmas beer from Wychwood Brewery. This beer is "full of seasonal spices and rich Michaelmas pickings" and holds forth at 6.2% alcohol. There are mixed reviews on BeerAdvocate, but overall the beer scores 82 … Continue reading

UncategorizedFrom Bad Elf to Santa’s Butt

Wow, if that’s not a weird headline, then I don’t know what is… Anyway, the point is, Shelton Brothers—who is having the Bad Elf problems in New York I blogged about the other day—is now having problems in Maine! With Santa’s Butt Porter. On Thursday, the Maine Civil Liberties Union … Continue reading

BreweriesPhoto journal of a lambic brewery

Over on Thom’s Beer Blog, they have a photo post of the Brasserie Cantillon, a brewer of lambic in Brussels. I thought it was pretty cool because it documents a bit about how lambics are made and the kinds of things that go into this unusual style of beer. True … Continue reading