A-B goes gluten free

I haven’t blogged about gluten free beers in over a year, but I’d venture to say I have noticed a growing trend this year in the brewing and availability of same. And now, Anheuser-Busch is throwing their offering into the gluten free ring: Anheuser-Busch now offering sorghum beer. Anheuser-Busch Cos. … Continue reading

50 beers to drink before you die, Part 5

A while back the BBC posted a feature titled "50 things to eat before you die" and I thought at the time that this would make a good topic for beer. So in the spirit of adventure and living life to the fullest, etc. etc., I’m coming up with the … Continue reading

Advent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 20: La Choulette de Noël

Today I’m picking another beer that I also selected last year: La Choulette de Noël. This Bière de Garde from France is, like all of this style, very complex and subtle at the same time. Their page notes, Habillée d’ambre brun aux chatoyants reflets cuivrés, coiffée d’une belle mousse beige … Continue reading

Advent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 19: The Mad Elf

Not to confuse anybody with a holiday beer that rhymes with Bad Elf (and a controversy, to boot), but today’s pick is Tröegs The Mad Elf. A bottle of this might make you mad, as well! It’s an 11% alcohol ale brewed with honey and cherries, which lend it a … Continue reading

Tumble Off Pale Ale

Time to get some more beers reviewed here. I’ve got notes on several beers that I haven’t written up yet, but I’m skipping over those for the next couple of beers, because my (Super! Good!) friend Kina, who recently moved to Baker City, Oregon, sent me two growlers of beer … Continue reading

Advent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 18: Hochstift Weihnachts Bier

I wanted to pick a German beer somewhere along the way, and settled today on Hochstift Weihnachts Bier, a Christmas-themed Bock ("Weihnachten" is "Christmas" in German). What can I tell you about this beer? Not much, since the page is entirely in German and there’s only one review so far … Continue reading

Advent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 17: Santa’s Little Helper

Today I’m getting really local: Central Oregon’s own Cascade Lakes Brewing‘s Santa’s Little Helper. This is a tidy little winter warmer that fills a comfortable niche at 6.4% alcohol. It’s what I drink during the winter months whenever I’m down at their Lodge. Its BeerAdvocate page thus far only has … Continue reading

Advent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 16: He’Brew Monumental Jewbelation

In a tip of the hat to the start of Hanukkah, I picked He’Brew Monumental Jewbelation. This is a limited edition, tenth anniversary version of their Jewbelation seasonal, with 10% alcohol. And, the number ten is represented abundantly in this beer: 10 different malts used, 10 hops in 10 additions … Continue reading

Advent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 15: Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale

This sounds good, which is why I picked it for today: Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale. Their own website speaks highly of it: If you are seeking a feisty ale to accompany the season’s festivities, look no further than Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale. It’s so magnificent and merry making that you … Continue reading

Advent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 14: Brooklyn Monster Ale

Today I went with one that may not seem all that holiday-themed: Brooklyn Brewery‘s Monster Ale. This is a vintaged, limited edition barleywine that makes its appearance during the winter months. I also like the bottle design; it reminds me of a Christmas tree ornament, all glittery silver with green. … Continue reading