Monthly Archives: November 2006

Stone Ruination IPA

Tonight’s review is another Stone Brewing winner: Ruination IPA. I’ll go ahead an ruin (heh) it for you: this is one of the best India pale ales I’ve had. It’s that good. Though technically it probably qualifies as a "double" IPA since it’s 7.7% alcohol… but no matter. Go buy this beer. Appearance: Orange, pours mostly clear. Reddish hue. Head—not a lot; tan-white. Smell: Floral hops—Simcoe/Cascade Northwest signature hops. Malt—kind of a rich caramelly bread. … Continue reading →

Portland Beer site

Here’s a cool, well-done site: It’s still a little nascent, but here’s what they say on their front page: What we are: A group of volunteers who have taken it upon ourselves to make sure that Portland, and it’s visitors, can make the best use of our greatest natural resource: beer! By maintaining an up to date listing of Portland beers and breweries, we hope to connect you with the beer you you’re looking … Continue reading →

Press Release: Most comprehensive, accurate* beer guide

Affordable stocking stuffer for the gift list’s beer geeks Ben Franklin’s adage that "beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy," has never been truer. The last 20 years has seen a renaissance of artisan brewing in the United States that not only has matched European legacy styles in quality but gone beyond them in sheer creativity. Unfortunately, many Americans still don’t realize just how good beer can taste. Those … Continue reading →