BreweriesPhoto journal of a lambic brewery

Over on Thom’s Beer Blog, they have a photo post of the Brasserie Cantillon, a brewer of lambic in Brussels. I thought it was pretty cool because it documents a bit about how lambics are made and the kinds of things that go into this unusual style of beer. True … Continue reading

UncategorizedBeer Tycoon

There’s been a new game announced that caught my eye: Beer Tycoon. Is this for real? Is sounds real, but it also sounds, well, like a spoof. Now Frogster Interactive is giving gamers and drinkers the opportunity to simulate making money selling their beloved drink. Beer Tycoon will also be … Continue reading

UncategorizedThey’re trying to ban Bad Elf again…

Last year the state of Connecticut tried to ban Bad Elf beer—that is, beer with Christmas-themed labels that "might appeal to children"—and this year, apparently not learning, the state of New York is trying to do the same. The specific beers are Seriously Bad Elf Double Ale, Rudolph’s Revenge Winter … Continue reading

UncategorizedTrader Joe’s Bavarian Hefeweizen

Time to review some of the infamous Trader Joe’s beer: their Bavarian style Hefeweizen. This isn’t an American-style wheat beer, but most definitely in the traditional German style—sour, fruity, estery, acidic. It’s actually a pretty decent beer, and you almost can’t beat the price for craft beer ($4.99 for a … Continue reading

UncategorizedBeer for Thanksgiving

Our local paper today had an article (picked up from the AP, though I haven’t found it online elsewhere) about pairing beer with the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Once through the fluff of the article, the general recommendations are a Belgian-style beer, a brown ale, or a bière de garde, as … Continue reading

UncategorizedBlue Moon Pumpkin Ale

Blue Moon is the craft beer operation run by megabrewer Coors (website note: crap—age verification nonsense on more than one page) that is notable for producing their Belgian White and Pumpkin Ale that both don’t suck. Their Pumpkin was the first pumpkin beer I’d ever seen, craft brewed or otherwise, … Continue reading

UncategorizedJumping Cow Amber Ale

Another Trader Joe’s find is Jumping Cow Amber Ale. It’s brewed by Steinhaus Brewing (no website, but they’re a Trader Joe’s brewer) in Paso Robles, California, and sits at a comfortable 5.5% alcohol. It’s a decent beer, worth the TJs price. Appearance: Clear red-amber with brownish tones. Carbonated and bubbly. … Continue reading

UncategorizedJosephs Brau Oktoberfest

The source of this beer is a bit ambiguous: my wife brought it home from Trader Joe’s, and while it says "Josephs Brau Brewing Company" it’s really one of the Trader Joe’s brews, according to BeerAdvocate. What this means is it’s really brewed by Gordon Biersch. As a standalone amber … Continue reading