Widmer Hefeweizen

Ah, Widmer Hefeweizen, the quintessential Northwest craft beer… You know, Widmer’s Hefe often gets a bad rap among beer snobs for not being a "proper" hefeweizen of the Bavarian style. Even its BeerAdvocate score isn’t very good compared to other microbrews: it only scores 78 and has a dismal 66% … Continue reading

Links for all your event and festival goodness

Recently I’ve run across a few more links to beer events, and I figured I’d dump them here for everybody to share. There’s BeerAdvocate’s events calendar, of course. The Beer Festival Calendar appears to be fairly comprehensive. Realbeer.com has a big one, too. All About Beer has theirs online. PubCrawler … Continue reading

The Widmer Hefeweizen press kit

Yesterday I received a large package from the PR firm Edelman, the occasion being Widmer‘s rollout of their new packaging for their flagship Hefeweizen. I have to say, though, that I was just as impressed with the press kit package as anything; so I’m commenting on both. The Press Kit … Continue reading

GABF winners (Oregon-themed)

The 2006 winners of the Great American Beer Festival were picked and announced Saturday, and Oregon breweries, along with California, Colorado, and Wisconsin, cleaned up. The Belmont Station blog handily posted just the Oregon winners in the various categories (saving me the trouble of weeding them out!). Here’s a quick … Continue reading

Tragedy (when beer goes bad)

I had to dump my batch of pumpkin ale that I brewed up last month. It had been sitting in the secondary fermenter for about two weeks, and I was going to bottle it today. When I got the carboy of beer out of the pantry, it was all too … Continue reading