Monthly Archives: October 2006

Stone 9th Anniversary Ale

I love Stone Brewing‘s beers. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a bad one; I only wish I could get more of them around here. Even so, I get by. The thing with Stone is they make big, strong beers, and their 9th Anniversary Ale is no exception. This was a limited edition brew, released in September of 2005, and clocks in at 7.8% alcohol. It was an excellent beer, one I enjoyed quite a … Continue reading →

Bison Chocolate Stout

Bison Brewing‘s Chocolate Stout is one of the better such stouts I’ve had, recently and maybe ever. I admit, I was a bit leery at first; with the exception of Rogue’s Chocolate Stout, I’ve not really found a chocolate-flavored beer that holds up. Bison definitely does. Appearance: Black-brown, opaque. Leather-tan head, nice. Smell: Coffee, dark chocolate/cocoa—mocha. Rich roasted malt/grain. Taste: Roasty, stout-bitter but not astringently so. Coffee, chocolate—what you smell is what you taste. Very … Continue reading →

Halloween beers

Last year I blogged a few Beers for Halloween; my first pick? Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale. This year, Belmont Station blogged a whole bunch more. They pick out Dead Guy too, and mention Maudite, Reaper Ale (among others, they brew Mortality Stout, Deathly Pale and Sleighor), and Bodysnatcher. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a pumpkin beer for Halloween (we all know I’ve been blogging those like crazy lately). Go with the obvious? Gritty … Continue reading →

Hop Trip 2006

A big trend this year seems to be the fresh hop beers—brewing with just-picked hops that are still "wet" (as opposed to dried hops, which is the norm). I first encountered this last year with Deschutes Brewery‘s Hop Trip, which I wrote a bit about. I liked it quite a lot, so I picked up this year’s batch and did the review thing. Overall, it’s not as hoppy as I remember from last year, nor … Continue reading →

Rocketboom at Brewtopia

Today’s Rocketboom follows people around at Brewtopia ("Great World Beer Festival") this past weekend. This was a totally random find—I don’t normally watch Rocketboom—but you have to love the humor here. Especially when Joanne reveals she doesn’t even like beer! And yes, this is pretty typical of most beer festivals I’ve seen… Otherwise, I’d never heard of this Brewtopia festival. No wonder: tickets are something like $60! Not something I could afford to go to, … Continue reading →