Monthly Archives: September 2006

A couple of links

Catching up on more sites generated from my reading list, I found a couple of linkworthy items. First, I’m finding out here that Rogue is releasing their proprietary Pacman yeast with Wyeast, as a seasonal from September through December. I’d love to get my hands on some of this; Rogue brews every one of their beers with it, so it’s pretty versatile. Next: the Random Beer Name Generator. Goofy fun, but some of the names … Continue reading →

Beer blogs

The other day I was contacted by a guy who had just launched a new beer and drink blog, called Lyke 2 Drink. It’s well-written and I’m enjoying it; the description is Lyke 2 Drink is a blog created by Rick Lyke, a veteran drinks journalist, covering beers, wines and spirits; alcohol issues; travel to breweries, distilleries and wineries; festivals and events; and industry news. Worth checking out; I’m subscribed. It got me to thinking, … Continue reading →

Mojo India Pale Ale

Catching up on my reviews (but not entirely in my beers), tonight’s is Mojo India Pale Ale, from Boulder Beer Company in Colorado (warning: annoying Flash site with popups). Good beer, nothing gimmicky or experimental going on here, just a solid IPA at 6.8% alcohol by volume. Not my favorite IPA of all time, but not the worst, either. Appearance: Clear and golden—the color of honey. Bone-white head on top, very nice. Smell: Hops—floral and … Continue reading →

A couple of Deschutes seasonals

Friday after work, to kick off the Labor Day weekend, we popped in to the Deschutes Brewery for drinks and dinner before embarking on the downtown Bend Art Walk. Deschutes always has a bunch of seasonals on tap that they don’t advertise on the website, which I was looking forward to trying. The two I had were Harpsichord Blackberry Lager and Winged Foot Bière de Garde. Both were very good. The Lager was a dark … Continue reading →