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OBF 2006: More blogs

Ran across a few more blog writeups of the Brewfest. Good ones, too. Brüfested (cyclotram): Good writeup, funny too ("OMG HOPPY"). Nice selection of tasted beers. Oregon Brewers Festval 2006 – Saturday Report (Gone Ronin): Holy crap he tried a lot of beers… good notes here, too. Beer and then some. (Chattering Magpie): Someone else who drank a lot—nearly 30 beers. Though to be fair, they were spaced out over the three days… Notes cover … Continue reading →

Ice cap beer

You know how a lot of beer commercials like to tout their "mountain spring water" or somesuch in their brewing process? They’ve really got nothing on these guys: A brewery in Greenland is producing beer using water melted from the ice cap of the vast Arctic island. The brewers claim that the water is at least 2,000 years old and free of minerals and pollutants. That’s potentially some good marketing, right there. The article also … Continue reading →

OBF 2006: Other blogs

So even though I was off most of this past week, I’ve been following some writeups of the Oregon Brewers Festival from other blogs. Beervana has some really good writeups, as does the Brookston Beer Bulletin, both blogs wrote quite a bit. Bad Ben’s Brewing Blog had a post with a few pictures (I wonder if the $100 bill is for show?). Andy at Rooftop Brew has a couple of posts. I have yet to … Continue reading →