Monthly Archives: August 2006

Bend Brew Fest 2006

Just a reminder/notice to the locals (and anyone else coming to Bend) that tomorrow is the start of the Bend Brew Fest. It’s the third annual one, and it’s looking good this year: over 60 beers from over 30 brewers, entry is free though the mug is $5 (the first year entry was $15), taster tokens are $1, and there will be food and live music. Sadly, I won’t be able to make it this … Continue reading →

Beertable (bizarre?)

From Slashfood comes this pointer to this piece of art/design concept: the Beertable. Weird. The main problem that I see is that there’s no cooling unit for the beer bottle holders. But for those beer geeks (like me) who prefer to drink beer from a glass rather than the bottle (or can), I don’t think this would be very practical…

Wild Raspberry Ale

I keep running across the name of the Great Divide Brewing Company in reading about beer, and it’s always something good; they seem to be producing very good beers and making a buzz. Recently I had their Wild Raspberry Ale (my wife found it downtown), and while I’m often skeptical of fruit beers, this one was definitely an exception to my doubt. Great Divide’s own page says: Our mantra is that real fruit makes real … Continue reading →

18th Anniversary Pilsner

I got so tied up attending and writing about the Oregon Brewers Festival that I’m behind on posting my beer reviews. No matter. Tonight it’s Deschutes Brewery‘s 18th Anniversary Pilsner. This is one of their 22-ounce seasonals (the Bond Street Series), and weighs in at 5% alcohol by volume. Appearance: Very pale yellow/gold/straw color. Super clear. One-quarter inch smooth white head. Smell: Mild, grainy (bread). A little grassy. Very clean. Taste: Bitter and mild, clean … Continue reading →

Some beers from Trader Joe’s

Just a quick note on a couple of beers we picked up from Trader Joe’s while in the Portland area last week: Mission Street Pale Ale and Black Toad Dark Ale. Both were the cheap beers: $4.99 for a six-pack, and they’re good enough to make that a good deal. The Mission Street is pale gold, very clear, and hoppier than I would expect (in a good way) for a commercial-y beer. The Black Toad … Continue reading →