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OBF 2006: My "liveblogging" notes

More Oregon BrewFest goodness! While I was there Friday, in addition to taking notes on the beers I was sampling, I took some time (before my friend Justin arrived) to jot down notes in "real time" in my notebook. Sort of a low-tech "liveblogging" that only goes, er, live when I transcribe it. Anyway, here are my notes, pretty much word-for-word (with times, too!): 1:25-1:30-ish: Fellow two seats away is smoking a cigar… a big … Continue reading →

OBF 2006: Beer notes

The problem with a beer festival as big as the Oregon Brewers Festival is there’s no easy way to sample many beers… without getting wasted, of course. You could spread it out over two or three days, but it’s still no mean feat. The Oregon BrewFest has 72 different beers on tap. A good number of them I’ve already tried or just didn’t sound interesting to me, and that combined with the fact that I … Continue reading →

Oregon Brewers Festival ’06 writeups…

So I made it to the Oregon Brewers Festival on Friday, but not to the blogger meetup that was happening that evening. Sorry guys! I had been hoping to make it, but the day had turned out so nice, and I hadn’t seen my best friend Justin for a long time, that I just couldn’t pull myself away. Perhaps a better idea would have been to meet at the Brewfest itself? Hopefully everyone else made … Continue reading →

Beers at the Oregon Brewers Festival

Looking over the list of breweries and beers at this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival, I thought I’d make some notes on the ones I’m going to make sure to try. Watermelon Wheat from 21st Amendment Brewery Hop Rod Rye Ale from Bear Republic Brewing Company Powderfinger Rye from Big Time Brewing Company Zon from Boulevard Brewing Company Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale from Boundary Bay Brewing Company 10th Anniversary Farmhouse Summer Ale from Flying Fish … Continue reading →