OBF 2006: Pictures

And now, some pictures I took at this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival. Ten. After the jump.

OBF 2006: My "liveblogging" notes

More Oregon BrewFest goodness! While I was there Friday, in addition to taking notes on the beers I was sampling, I took some time (before my friend Justin arrived) to jot down notes in "real time" in my notebook. Sort of a low-tech "liveblogging" that only goes, er, live when … Continue reading

OBF 2006: Beer notes

The problem with a beer festival as big as the Oregon Brewers Festival is there’s no easy way to sample many beers… without getting wasted, of course. You could spread it out over two or three days, but it’s still no mean feat. The Oregon BrewFest has 72 different beers … Continue reading

Oregon Brewers Festival ’06 writeups…

So I made it to the Oregon Brewers Festival on Friday, but not to the blogger meetup that was happening that evening. Sorry guys! I had been hoping to make it, but the day had turned out so nice, and I hadn’t seen my best friend Justin for a long … Continue reading

Beers at the Oregon Brewers Festival

Looking over the list of breweries and beers at this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival, I thought I’d make some notes on the ones I’m going to make sure to try. Watermelon Wheat from 21st Amendment Brewery Hop Rod Rye Ale from Bear Republic Brewing Company Powderfinger Rye from Big Time … Continue reading

Roslyn Beer

The other beer I got from the Roslyn Brewing Company was Roslyn Beer, a dark lager that complements the pale lager I reviewed previously. The Roslyn website indicates that they use "four types of malted barley and three hop varieties" in this beer. I’m not sure I totally buy into … Continue reading


This is one of those stories I like to call "the definition of irony": Beer company executive, chief commercial pitcher and former Senate candidate Pete Coors confirmed Thursday he was cited in May for driving under the influence of alcohol after leaving a friend’s wedding celebration. "I made a mistake," … Continue reading

Brookside Beer

A little while back a coworker was passing through Roslyn, Washington and happened upon the Roslyn Brewing Company, and was kind enough to bring me back a bottle each of their two beers, Brookside Beer and Roslyn Beer. Brookside (the first I’ve drank so far) is a pale lager in … Continue reading

Deschutes Brewery tour photos

The ironic thing about these photos from the Deschutes Brewery tour is that I didn’t go… my wife did today (a special showing). So that sucks for me. But the photos are pretty cool. No commentary, just check them out after the jump.

4th of July brew

Okay, technically it wasn’t quite a 4th of July brew, since we brewed on Monday the 3rd instead… but you get the idea. I had taken Monday off so my friend Paul (hardcore homebrewer) and I could get together to brew up an all-grain batch of beer. The plan was … Continue reading