Monthly Archives: June 2006

Simcoe hops

There’s an interesting article on the Philadelphia Daily News site about Simcoe hops. Simcoe is a relatively new hybrid variety similar to Cascade but higher in bitterness… What attracts brewers – and drinkers – to the variety is a distinctive citrus aroma combined with a high alpha-acid content that imparts a strong but pleasurable bitterness. Because of those qualities, it’s an especially popular ingredient in the new wave of extra-hoppy ales known as Imperial India … Continue reading →

Matching beer with fine food

Here’s an article on MSNBC highlighting the growing movement of pairing beer with fine foods, bringing more culinary respect to beer, a là wine. Part of the way to win over wine lovers is by showcasing just how well beer can pair with food. [Jim] Koch [founder and brewer of the Boston Beer Company/Sam Adams] worked with Jason Miller, executive chef of David Burke’s Primehouse in downtown Chicago, to create a special menu for BusinessWeek … Continue reading →

June beer events (Oregon)

There’s a couple of (Oregon) beer events coming up this month that I wanted to mention: The North American Organic Brewers Festival: Being put on by Roots Organic Brewing in Portland, this sounds pretty cool. The North American Organic Brewers Festival will feature over 30 organic beers from the Pacific Northwest and as far a field as Germany, England, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Texas. From pale ales and pilsners to imperial stouts and dopplebocks, organic brewers … Continue reading →

Original Flag Porter

The interesting thing about Original Flag Porter from Darwin Brewery in England is a blurb on the label: "Brewed with 1825 yeast salvaged from a sunken vessel in the English Channel using an original 19th century recipe." Wow, that’s cool if it’s true… but I have my doubts. I can believe it was brewed according to an old recipe, but the yeast? Sounds a bit like a marketing ploy… However, it’s a very good, drinkable … Continue reading →

Oregon Brewers Festival and Beer Blogger Meetup

Last month I’d written a small bit about the Oregon Brewers Festival and a possible blogger meetup. Since then, everyone ran with the ball (follow the general threads here, here, and here), and it’s a done deal: there will be a beer blogger meetup on Friday, July 28th, at and after 5pm, at the Rogue Ales Public House. And, at this point I think I’ve got it pretty well locked in that I’m going to … Continue reading →