Buying beer online

Shannon has a couple of pointers to online sources for beer: John’s Grocery and Internet Wines and Spirits. She’s jonesing for her Boulevard Wheat and is looking for a source. The problem? Exorbitant shipping prices. So, anyone know of decent sources for beer online, that don’t charge outrageously for shipping? … Continue reading

Jubel 2000 Millenium

This past Saturday my ultra-good-friend Kina brought me a super-special limited edition bottle of Deschutes Brewery‘s Jubel 2000 Millenium.* I don’t know where she found this, or if she’d been saving it since the year 2000 or whenever… but Kina: thank you! This was awesome. And it’s a very good … Continue reading

Big Daddy IPA

For Father’s Day I got a bottle of Big Daddy IPA from Speakeasy Brewing in San Francisco. It’s got a great bottle (picture at right is so-so, but you get the idea). Straight to my notes! Appearance: Not-quite-clear and orange in color. Fluffy white head started out promising but fell … Continue reading

Eastside Dark

Somewhere along the line I acquired a bottle Eastside Dark, a lager from Lakefront Brewery in Wisconsin. I’m not exactly sure where it came from, as I found it near the back of the pantry in a six-pack container with some of my homebrew… No matter, found beer is found … Continue reading

Homegrown hops

Sadly, these homegrown hops aren’t at my house (not for lack of trying), but at my mom’s. That’s good though, because I can pick all I want. Check out how insane these are growing: This hop is crazy big, and summer hasn’t even started. It’s growing up a trellis right … Continue reading

Simcoe hops

There’s an interesting article on the Philadelphia Daily News site about Simcoe hops. Simcoe is a relatively new hybrid variety similar to Cascade but higher in bitterness… What attracts brewers – and drinkers – to the variety is a distinctive citrus aroma combined with a high alpha-acid content that imparts … Continue reading

Matching beer with fine food

Here’s an article on MSNBC highlighting the growing movement of pairing beer with fine foods, bringing more culinary respect to beer, a là wine. Part of the way to win over wine lovers is by showcasing just how well beer can pair with food. [Jim] Koch [founder and brewer of … Continue reading

June beer events (Oregon)

There’s a couple of (Oregon) beer events coming up this month that I wanted to mention: The North American Organic Brewers Festival: Being put on by Roots Organic Brewing in Portland, this sounds pretty cool. The North American Organic Brewers Festival will feature over 30 organic beers from the Pacific … Continue reading

Original Flag Porter

The interesting thing about Original Flag Porter from Darwin Brewery in England is a blurb on the label: "Brewed with 1825 yeast salvaged from a sunken vessel in the English Channel using an original 19th century recipe." Wow, that’s cool if it’s true… but I have my doubts. I can … Continue reading

Oregon Brewers Festival and Beer Blogger Meetup

Last month I’d written a small bit about the Oregon Brewers Festival and a possible blogger meetup. Since then, everyone ran with the ball (follow the general threads here, here, and here), and it’s a done deal: there will be a beer blogger meetup on Friday, July 28th, at and … Continue reading