Pelican Pub & Brewery

Okay, if you read my other blog where I describe our Memorial Day weekend, you’ll see that I mentioned the Pelican Pub & Brewery. I’ve written about it before; they are located literally on the beach in Pacific City—which for my money gives them hands-down the best location of any … Continue reading

Offline for Memorial Day

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’ll be offline for the Memorial Day weekend—through Tuesday, actually. Hopefully everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend!

Big Eye IPA

The other beer I had from Ballast Point Brewing was their Big Eye IPA, a 6% alcohol ale with an interesting hop profile. It’s not an extreme hop-bomb India pale ale that seems to be all the rage these days, but for that, it’s still a pretty good, drinkable beer. … Continue reading

Calico Amber Ale

I had a couple of 22-ounce bombers from Ballast Point Brewing Company that I drank last week, and I’m blogging my notes on the first this evening: Calico Amber Ale. It’s a decent beer, an American amber style that weighs in at 5% alcohol by volume… the American amber designation … Continue reading

Thirsty Thursday 5/18/06

Quick Thirsty Thursday report: today it was summer-themed beers. First up was Sierra Nevada’s Summerfest. Not bad, a hoppy, wheaty pilsner-style lager. Very crisp. Next, Pyramid’s Curve Ball. I liked this better than the Summerfest. It’s a Kölsch style ale, and they’ve flavored it with some not-quite-definable herb. Third up … Continue reading

American Craft Beer Week

This week is American Craft Beer Week. What is it? May 15-21, 2006 is designated as a time for all legal-drinking-age Americans to explore and celebrate the flavorful beverages produced by our small, traditional and independent brewers. By visiting breweries during American Craft Beer Week, you can earn a free … Continue reading

Steelhead Brewing Company

We took a day trip over to Eugene today, and had lunch downtown at the Steelhead Brewing Company. I actually had the foresight for once to bring a notebook and pen so I could take notes as I went! Seems like that should be a no-brainer, I know, but I … Continue reading

1905 Budweiser ad: Strictly a Family Beverage

I got a kick out of this 1905 Budweiser newspaper ad on Flickr; charming bit of ephemera. Did you know Budweiser is "Strictly a Family Beverage"? Nice. According to that ad, 130,388,520 bottles of Bud were consumed in 1904, with more "than three-fifths of this amount used in the homes." … Continue reading

Meeting beer bloggers at the Oregon Brewers Festival?

Caught this post over on SudsPundit: If you’d like to meet your favorite beer blogger live and in person—or if you’d like to meet me—head on out to the Oregon Brewer’s Festival this July. Lisa and Ken have graciously offered to host M and I, and I have just booked … Continue reading

The Maharaja Imperial IPA

Ever since I blogged about The Maharaja last month, I’d been dying to try it. Fortunately it showed up here in town at Newport Market and I was able to snag a bottle. Wow. The Belmont blog was spot on, this is one seriously hoppy beer. And strong; here are … Continue reading