Monthly Archives: April 2006

Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip from New Belgium is their new summer seasonal that is apparently a low-carb beer, "perfect for the lightly attired summer months." Interesting beer. The site says there’s kaffir lime in there, lending it a citrusy character. I don’t know if I got that out of it, but there was something different about it. Appearance: Poured crystal clear. Color is a (burnt?) copper. Smell: Like a rich pilsner, with some funky Belgian overtones. Grassy, … Continue reading →

Flying Horse Royal Lager

The other night I opened up a bottle of Flying Horse Royal Lager, one I’d never heard of. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I opened it and then saw that it’s brewed in India; I’d never had an Indian beer before. Appearance: Pours crystal clear and gold, with a thin, crisp white head. Smell: It has that slightly-skunky European lager smell (one I usually associate with Grolsch or Heineken). The grains are noticeable, and … Continue reading →

Press Release: Oregon Breweries Help Pump $2.25 Billion Into State’s Economy

This kind of ties in with my previous post about the top 50 breweries. Oregon’s beer production grew at a rate of nearly 16 percent in 2005, as the state’s craft brewers produced the equivalent of more than 226 million bottles of beer and the beer industry as a whole, pumped more than $2.25 billion into the state’s economy. Total beer production for the state was approximately 683,000 barrels, according to figures released today by … Continue reading →

Top 50 breweries

The Brookston Beer Blog posted "The Top 50 Breweries as of 2005 Announced" on Monday. Interesting list. These are the top 50 based on sales. Oregon has five on the list: 17. Widmer (Portland)21. Deschutes (Bend)26. Full Sail (Hood River)41. BridgePort (Portland)42. Rogue (Newport) Cool. I don’t really have much more to say. 🙂

Avery Maharaja at Belmont Station

Belmont Station’s blog had a post the other day about Avery Maharaja: I had one of these yesterday, and I can still taste the hops. This is easily one of the hoppiest, most resinous beers I’ve ever had; it even gives Ruination a run for its money. If you love hops, and I mean LOVE hops, you’ll want to snag a few of these before they run out. This isn’t "balanced" by any stretch of … Continue reading →