Monthly Archives: April 2006

Forbes’ top 20

Every now and again somebody posts a "Top X" beer list, and this week it’s from Forbes: The top 20 "Coolest Beers". The article itself is kind of beer-history-factoid boilerplate, but there’s a popup slide show (annoying!) that actually lists the 20 beers. I have to say I’m not overly impressed with the selection. They’re mostly lighter beers (and Grolsch is on the list? Uhm, not my list), which isn’t bad, but I’d like to … Continue reading →

Broken Top Bock

Ahhh, Broken Top Bock: for years I knew of this seasonal from Deschutes Brewery yet somehow I always missed the boat on drinking it. I guess it was sort of the Loch Ness monster or Sasquatch of the local beer scene: I’d heard all the rumors but had never glimpsed it for myself. No more, finally. Deschutes is offering it in their Bond Street Series of seasonals served up in 22-ounce bombers, and I picked … Continue reading →

Golden Monkey

I’ve gotten behind on blogging my various beer notes (although even I have to admit blogging nothing but beer tasting gets tedious), so tonight I’m starting to catch up with Golden Monkey from Victory Brewing. It starts off looking innocent enough. But after I poured it into my glass I took a closer look at the bottle and was stunned: this beer boats a whopping 9.5% alcohol by volume! No wonder: it’s a Belgian Tripel. … Continue reading →

The Heineken Premium Light press release

As promised, here’s the press release for the Heineken Premium Light press kit I received. Heineken USA is inviting domestic light beer drinkers to "succumb to smooth" with the national launch of Heineken Premium Light. The new imported light beer, brewed specifically with domestic light beer drinkers in mind, offers an extraordinary smooth and light taste experience with all the premium cachet of a Heineken. The introduction of Heineken Premium Light signifies the brand’s first … Continue reading →

Heineken Premium Light

Tonight, as promised, I drank the Heineken Premium Light from the press kit I was sent, and I am writing up the review. The premise, of course, is that this is a low-carb beer (with only 99 calories) that still maintains the full taste and smoothness of a "regular" beer. Let’s cover it all. I like the bottle and labeling; less is more in this case. The labels are transparent stick-ons, so while not painted … Continue reading →