Lindemans apple lambic

Saw this press release on BeerAdvocate today: Introducing Lindemans Pomme, Apple Lambic From Belgium. Lindemans Pomme, authentic apple lambic from Belgium. The flavor of a lambic is dry, complex, tart, and like no other beer. Frequently, lambics have fruit added as the perfect flavor balance, and the bright freshness of … Continue reading

Beer cheesecake!

Just when you thought the beer ice cream was sounding too good to be true, Slashfood points us to a cheesecake recipe that is made not only with Bailey’s Irish Cream, but Murphy’s Irish Stout. I’m simply speechless. 🙂

Beer from the sink!

Okay, everybody and their dog has linked to this story today, so I’d better jump on the bandwagon: Norway, where beer flows instead of water. The woman turned on the faucet and beer came out! It turned out that a worker in a bar two floors below had mixed up … Continue reading

Beer ice cream

I suppose it was inevitable at some point, but people are making ice cream out of beer. The Heritage Belgian beer cafe in The Rocks has "a trio of fruit beer sorbets" made from apple, cherry and peach beers. Made by an outside supplier, they are more like gelato in … Continue reading

A couple of notes on Portland happenings

Just a couple of notes on some Portland happenings that I saw today. First, altportland reports on the Lucky Lab‘s Barleywine and Big Beer Tasting. That’s going on tomorrow and Saturday, the 10th and 11th, from noon until 10 p.m. No entry fee, but tickets for 4 ounce tasters are … Continue reading

BJ’s Brewhouse (Portland)

While we were in Portland, we also had dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse, up on Weidler in the Convention Center district near the Lloyd Center Mall. BJ’s is actually a chain of brewpubs in various western states and Hawaii. Overall, the experience wasn’t bad, but the service left a bit to … Continue reading

Horse Brass notes

I wanted to jot down some notes here from our quick trip to Portland this weekend, about the Horse Brass Pub. The Horse Brass is one of my favorite places in Portland for beer and food. In the style of an English pub, they offer real darts, dark wood furnishing, … Continue reading

Saison Dupont

I’d been holding on to a bottle of Saison Dupont I picked up just after Christmas time, looking forward to the day I’d drink it, thanks to this article which proclaimed it the best beer in the world. Naturally, reading that one particular beer is the best, period, tends to … Continue reading

The Beer Hacker: 5 Tips for Extract Brewing

Having brewed extract-based beer for years (I still haven’t made the jump to all grain), I thought I’d share some hacker-ish tips to help improve your extract brewing. These are tips that are aimed more for the beginning homebrewer, though hopefully more advanced brewers will appreciate them too.

Tasting the pumpkin ale

I opened a bottle of my recent pumpkin ale (bottled about two and a half weeks ago) to try it out, and it’s not bad. (I had actually had a small taster of it with some friends on Saturday, but tonight was the full bottle.) I’ll spare the full review … Continue reading