Monthly Archives: March 2006

Thirsty Thursday in Bend

After work today I swung by Newport Market over on Bend’s westside for their Thirsty Thursday beer tasting. I just found out about these Thirsty Thursdays recently; they’re every, er, Thursday from 3:30 until 6:00. Free beer! Can’t go wrong with that. Today it was a rep from Deschutes Brewery doing tastings of their two newest: Inversion IPA and Buzzsaw Brown. Both good, but the IPA was really good. So I picked up a six-pack … Continue reading →

Beers for Spring, Part 3

Donavan over at A Good Beer Blog must be in tune with my "Beers for spring" posts, as the next beers I’m blogging are winter warmers and barleywines: On the 21st of March, after a day of eating chocolates and other Hershey candies, I was slumped in a chair in a room at the Hershey Lodge in Pennsylvania sipping a Winter Warmer from the Lancaster Brewing Company. What else would a person drink on the … Continue reading →

Beers for Spring, Part 2

Someone reminded me about New Belgium‘s Biere de Mars, which is their seasonal brewed for March. A good early spring beer! The style is of a Bière de Garde, which I’d classify as a beer for spring. According to Al Korzonas in his excellent book Homebrewing, Vol. 1: Bière de Garde means "beer to keep" implying that it is meant to be stored. This dates back to the days when summer brewing was impractical and … Continue reading →

Beers for Spring, Part 1

Since this last week was the start of spring, I thought I’d write a bit about seasonal spring beers. I can think of several styles that qualify, so I’ll spin this out into several posts. According to Michael Jackson in his book Ultimate Beer, the beers of spring are Bocks: The idea of special beers for spring is strongest in Germany, especially in the state of Bavaria and its capital, Munich. Spring beers there are … Continue reading →

Theakston Old Peculier

Tonight I opened up the bottle of Theakston Old Peculier that I picked up from Belmont Station when we were in Portland earlier this month. Old Peculier is an old ale style of beer that weighs in at 5.6% alcohol by volume—not overly strong, lending itself to being a good session beer. Appearance: Dark, murky brown. Not quite as dark as a porter, but much darker than a typical brown ale. Smell: Some molasses, some … Continue reading →