Monthly Archives: February 2006

Hop Henge

Tonight’s beer was Deschutes Brewery‘s newest limited edition, Hop Henge. It’s a powerfully hopped India pale ale—and I do mean powerfully hopped—that weighs in at 7.5% alcohol by volume. It’s quite a good beer, but you have to be a bit of a hophead to truly enjoy it. No joke. The website describes the beer as "boasting 3.5 pounds of Centennial, Cascade and Northern Brewer hops per barrel with a heavy dry-hop presence to top it … Continue reading →

Press Release: Craft Beer Growth Leads All Adult Beverages for Second Year

I’d seen these figures making the rounds on the beer blogs lately, but hadn’t commented on them yet. Interestingly, the email I got with the press release included these stats just for Oregon: It is anticipated that Oregon Brewers will have produced 10-12% more barrels of beer in 2005 versus 2004. Overall, the beer market in Oregon grew 0.5% in 2005, up from 2,570,611 barrels to 2,585,528 barrels. Volume Up 9 Percent in 2005 Says … Continue reading →

The Beer Hacker: Beer and brewery maps

I’ve blogged about the Beer Mapping Project before, but I thought it deserved an in-depth look and would make an ideal topic for this Beer Hacker column. For the uninitiated, the Beer Mapping Project is a great resource that combines the power of Google Maps with one of the most complete listings of breweries, brewpubs, beer bars and even beer stores that I’ve ever seen. They have larger-scale US Brewery Maps, organized by region, that … Continue reading →

Siletz Winter Warmer Ale

I tried the bottle of Siletz Winter Warmer Ale this evening, and frankly it turned out just like the fiasco with their Cholocate Porter: sour and astringent. Really disappointing. At this point I’m pretty sure there must have been some sort of storage issue with the bottles I had: they were too old, or stored warm, or something. I’m willing to give Siletz Brewing the benefit of the doubt and should I get the chance, … Continue reading →

This year’s Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s Day! Not surprisingly, I’ve been getting a lot of hits for searches for "valentines ideas" coming to my post last year for Valentine’s Day. (It’s #10 on Google for that search.) I just re-read that post, it’s pretty good, so check it out if you want to make a beery V-day. Some other beer-related pointers for today: Lew Bryson has an article about women and beer and Valentine’s Day. A World of Beer … Continue reading →