Just chalk this up to random humor: Slashfood reports on a guy who experimented with adding Skittles to beer. The one, the only, the original, Skittlebrau. I personally am not a big dark beer fan. But the Crazy Engineer household would be remiss if we didn’t try the actual Skittlebrau. … Continue reading

I wrote the other day in my Oregon and Washington Brewery Map post about how they use Google Maps to show you the breweries in the two states. Well, check this out: the US Brewery Maps from the Beer Mapping Project. Holy cow, it’s the first site on steroids! They … Continue reading

A-B’s Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale

A few months back I’d blogged about Anheuser-Busch brewing a seasonal pumpkin ale. Now they have a winter offering, too: Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale. Yes, that link is to their press release, and yes, it’s been out since December somtime, but one of their PR people sent me the link … Continue reading

Monkey Face Porter

I received a six-pack of Cacade Lakes‘ Monkey Face Porter from a friend for Christmas, and figured it was time for a review. I’ve been shockingly lax on reviewing our local fare here, I realize; so, expect more beer reviews and tasting notes in the future on local brews (and … Continue reading

"Beer geek" article

I mentioned a "geeky homebrewer point of view" yesterday, and was interested when this article appeared today elsewhere: Understanding the beer geek. It’s an okay article, nothing too earth-shattering or meaningful, though. Although this one quote sounds to me like obsessive Star Trek fans arguing whether they’re referred to as … Continue reading

Poor Richard’s Ale

Poor Richard’s Ale—this is the one I mentioned the other day that I’d blog about. It’s not a beer being served up by any one brewery—and actually, the idea behind this is, I think, pretty neat. January 17th is the 300th anniversary of Benjamin Franklin’s birth, and to commemorate the … Continue reading

Oregon and Washington Brewery Map

This is very cool: Oregon & Washington Brew Map, a Google Maps-enabled live map based on listings of all the known breweries in the two states. Pretty comphrensive, but I do have a few comments: some of the locations are off (the ones I can point to for sure are … Continue reading

Beer items on Slashfood

Over on Slashfood today a couple of beer posts caught my eye. The first, Beer: it’s a diet food, right?, speculates on beer health marketing in light of a recent FDA announcement: According to a recent FDA announcement, "whole grain barley and barley-containing products are allowed to claim that they … Continue reading

Rock Creek Tavern history

There’s a post on Metroblogging Portland about the history of McMenamins Rock Creek Tavern. It’s a highly compressed version, but I still enjoyed it. Don’t forget to read the comments, too. Opened in the Prohibition-afflicted 1920s as a grocery and a feed store for farmers. Served beer in 1933 about … Continue reading

The Brew Site 2005 Zeitgeist

Just like on my other blog, it’s the year end wrapup for all the data. I’m a bit surprised by the numbers I reached here; for only ramping The Brew Site up (as a blog) just over a year ago, these seem to be pretty impressive. On to it! Number … Continue reading