Monthly Archives: January 2006

Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale

I highlighted Anderson Valley‘s Winter Solstice when I was doing the Beer Advent Calendar last month, and tonight I tried a bottle of it myself. I’m glad I did! It’s an excellent beer. My notes: Appearance: Poured clear, a bronzed-copper/amber-brown color. Two fingers of creamy beige head dissipated slowly. Nice lacing on the sides of the glass. Smell: Floral, raisin, fruity. Plum pudding comes to mind. Taste: Reminds me of an old ale. It’s plummy, … Continue reading →

"Noob’s" beer guide

Over on Slashfood Sarah Gim has blogged about "Learning to Drink Beer". I had to comment, of course, but first, a review of the beers she tried: Tecate and Corona: needs lime, otherwise just "okay." Samuel Adams: bitter, had to add lime. Pilsner-Urquell: skunky. Becoming suspicious of green bottles. Miller Genuine Draft: best of her picks. Okay, not a terrible list for a first-timer (I like that she tried Pilsner, even though it sounds like … Continue reading →

Today is Poor Richard’s Ale Day

Today is Poor Richard’s Ale Day—the 300th anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin and the day most participatory breweries are serving up their version of Poor Richard’s Ale. Has anyone been able to try this beer yet? I’d like to get a chance to try both Bend Brewing Company‘s and Deschutes Brewery‘s (both local to me) sometime during this week. Anyway, if you haven’t yet, get out and support your local brewery and try … Continue reading →

Who knew Michigan had so many breweries?

Michigan has something like 70 breweries, according to the Michigan Brew Tour site. Who knew? Not only does that site have a linked list of breweries, but I like this idea: Not only did we want to visit every Microbrew in Michigan, we also "had to have" a souvenir growler. Nothing better than bringing some microbrew home. Picking up a growler from each visit. I wish I’d thought of that. They’re up to 63 so … Continue reading →


Chris (another local blogger) tags me pretty good. Too funny, I got a good laugh out of that. Plus, a bonus: it’s a good review of Old English 800! Gotta love Sundays. 🙂