Monthly Archives: January 2006

Melbourn Brothers Strawberry

I had this beer last night, actually, but didn’t get around to writing about it yet: Melbourn Brothers Strawberry. I found it at Ray’s Food Place on Bend’s west side, hadn’t heard of it before. It turned out to be quite good, very much like a lambic—Melbourn’s relies on spontaneous fermentation by wild yeast. The best way to describe this beer is to compare it to a rose champagne, I think. And strawberries, strawberries, strawberries. … Continue reading →

Extract recipe for Poor Richard’s Ale

Yes, I’m still on the topic of Poor Richard’s Ale. Today I thought I’d share the extract-based recipe for Poor Richard’s that I devised based on the all-grain recipe (PDF)—for those of us homebrewers who don’t brew all-grain yet, or don’t have the time. The recipe is a bit simpler than the original; it’s extract-based, for five gallons, and for a 60-minute boil with a two-stage hop addition rather than three. (You could stay with … Continue reading →

Bend Brewing Company’s Poor Richard’s Ale

Tonight I got to drink a pint of Poor Richard’s Ale at the Bend Brewing Company, although there’s a caveat: the place was packed, so it was standing-room only in the bar, thus I didn’t get to really do a proper tasting. It was pretty good, despite that. Reminds me strongly of an old ale (similar to BBC’s Outback Old Ale, if memory serves me), although it had a stronger, misplaced hop bitterness than I … Continue reading →

Brewing pumpkin

Last night I finally got around to making the pumpkin ale that I talked about way back in November (the pumpkin was frozen, so I was still able to use it). I followed my recipe here, with a couple of variations: I used American 2-row malt for the partial mash instead of Vienna, used 20°L Crystal instead of 40, and I’m going to wait until bottling to add the vanilla and spices. The session went … Continue reading →

Siletz Chocolate Porter

Tonight I cracked open the bottle of Siletz Chocolate Porter. I had high hopes for this beer, after reading some of the BeerAdvocate reviews, but I hate to say I was disappointed. I don’t know if I got a bad bottle (I suspect I may have), but it was definitely not what I was hoping for. It was drinkable—not like it was spoiled or badly infected or anything, just… off. My notes: Appearance: Black-brown, red-hued … Continue reading →