Monthly Archives: January 2006

Dogfish Head’s Aprihop

Had Dogfish Head‘s unusual Aprihop last night. It was pretty good. The apricot is there, but understated… not an overly fruity beer, but nowhere near as awful as some fruit beers out there that also aren’t overly fruity. I’ll name some names in a moment. First, my notes. Appearance: Poured a thin off-white head which dissipated quickly. The beer itself is a slightly hazy walnut-gold-copper color. Smell: Apricot dominates the nose, but it’s not overpowering—very … Continue reading →

Rogue FestiveAle

FestiveAle—another fine and slightly unusual beer from Rogue. Why unusual? It’s a Saison style beer brewed with, among other things, Grains of Paradise (which is actually a spice from West Africe similar to cardamom), myrtle leaves, bitter orange peel, and ginger root. I think I can honestly say I’ve never had anything (much less a beer) with Grains of Paradise in it. I thought it was a good beer, though. The BeerAdvocates don’t entirely agree, … Continue reading →

Beer pouring robot

Yes, it’s already been all over the internet, but I just had to do it too: Asahi Breweries has designed a robot beer refrigerator that will open a can of beer and pour a perfect glass every time. They’re planning on giving 5000 of these away… in Japan only. To win one of these, you’d need to find 36 seals on specially marked Asahi beers. So it’s kind of a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory … Continue reading →

India Pelican Ale

Tonight I opened up the bottle of India Pelican Ale (from Pelican Pub & Brewery) that I found at the Newport Avenue Market here in Bend. That’s a find, actually, because I’d never seen any Pelican brews anywhere outside of the Oregon Coast. The Pelican is one of my favorite breweries for the location alone: right on the beach. Literally. Anyway, to the beer. Super hoppy! I’m not kidding here; if you’re on the fence … Continue reading →


Not a whole lot to write about tonight, mostly because I’m super busy on a web project that needs to be done by the end of the month. But I did try a bottle of Widmer‘s Snowplow Milk Stout tonight, and I quite like it; I’ll do a formal review later. And my pumpkin ale needs to be racked; tomorrow marks the seventh day in the primary. So, I’ll probably rack it Friday to a … Continue reading →