Beer Advent CalendarAdvent Beer Calendar: Day 6: Bière De Noël

Today we travel to France for Brasserie Duyck‘s Bière De Noël, a Saison-style ale that is, according to their website, "Darker than the traditional amber beer, its torrefied undertones are reminiscent of flowers and caramel." The site also notes: Produced with more malt than Jenlain Ambrée (3 different types of … Continue reading

Beer Advent CalendarAdvent Beer Calendar: Day 2: Deschutes Jubelale

Yes, I already wrote about this back in October, but today’s beer is Deschutes Brewery’s Jubelale. Each year Deschutes selects a new artist and theme for the label, and locals always look forward to when this seasonal is released. Strong, malty, caramel-y, roasty, every year Deschutes hits a home run … Continue reading

HistoryA little Prohibition history

In keeping with my apparent trend in pointing to historical beer items, I thought this anecdotal bit of history about the Fesenmeier Brewing Comany was interesting. (Though it died as a result of Prohibition.) Sons of the German Fesenmeier family, which had started a brewing beer in the Cumberland, Md., … Continue reading

HistoryAncient Egyptian beer

Interesting article: Ancient Egyptian Alcohol, with a large section on the beer of Ancient Egypt. Beer was depicted on the walls of the tombs, as were scenes of the ancient Egyptian brewery. It was probably very similar to the way beer is still produced in Sudan today. Traditionally, beer was … Continue reading

HistoryThe Pilgrims landed for beer

A little post-holiday-yet-Thanksgiving-related beer history: American History Shaped by Colonial Beer Run. The Pilgrims landed where they did (Plymouth Rock), which by the whims of history gave us the tradition and holiday of Thanksgiving, because they needed beer.