Monthly Archives: December 2005

Advent Beer Calendar: Day 19: La Choulette de Noël

I picked today’s beer based on a glowing review by Alan of A Good Beer Blog: La Choulette De Noël. However, this won’t be a beer for the faint of heart, I think; Alan writes: Dark copper ale under an off-white creamy rich head. The aroma is horse blanket which sat in rotting potato peels for a week. Sound disgusting? It is not but that is French country ale – beer for people who eat … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar: Day 18: Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale

Back to America again with today’s beer, Anderson Valley‘s Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale. I’ve enjoyed Anderson Valley’s beer in the past (they brew a good amber), but haven’t had this one. They say: Luscious, creamy, smooth, and warming, this medium bodied ale is brewed with Caramel and crystal malts to give it just a hint of sweetness, then paired with our private blend of holiday spice. It racks up a score of 85 on BeerAdvocate, … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar: Day 17: Mahr’s Christmas Bock

I didn’t realize until today that I hadn’t included any German beers on the Beer Advent Calendar… so I’ll rectify that now. Mahr‘s Christmas Bock is today’s selection. Based on the BeerAdvocate profile (the website is all German, with no English that I can find), this is a malty maibock style weighing in at 6.5% alcohol by volume. It’s not a typical holiday beer; one review notes: You have to love the Germans. While everyone … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar: Day 16: Santa’s Private Reserve

Today we have Santa’s Private Reserve from the incomparable Rogue Brewery here in Oregon. This beer is essentially a double-hopped St. Rogue Red, including "a mystery hop called Rudolph". But don’t let that fool you; if you find this beer, you’ll be in for a treat. It scores 87 on BeerAdvocate, with 99% approval. It also has more positive and 4+ (out of 5) scores on the first page of reviews than any other beer … Continue reading →

Best beers in the world?

Kind of a provocative title… but that’s what Men’s Journal has published: Best Beers in the World. It’s a bold list; I don’t know about their categorization (Lagers & Pilsners, Ales & Bitters, Belgian Beers, Dark Beers and Summer Beers)—I’d be more inclined to rate based on actual style (best porters, IPAs, lambics, etc.)—but they seem to have a decent spread of beers. Including the obvious picks, like Guinness Stout and Celebrator Doppelbock. Via Slashfood.