Monthly Archives: November 2005

A little Prohibition history

In keeping with my apparent trend in pointing to historical beer items, I thought this anecdotal bit of history about the Fesenmeier Brewing Comany was interesting. (Though it died as a result of Prohibition.) Sons of the German Fesenmeier family, which had started a brewing beer in the Cumberland, Md., area shortly after the Civil War, came here in 1899 and bought the 6-year-old American Brewing Co. The new owners overcame all sorts of obstacles … Continue reading →

Ancient Egyptian beer

Interesting article: Ancient Egyptian Alcohol, with a large section on the beer of Ancient Egypt. Beer was depicted on the walls of the tombs, as were scenes of the ancient Egyptian brewery. It was probably very similar to the way beer is still produced in Sudan today. Traditionally, beer was regarded as a female activity as it was an off-shoot of bread making – the basis of the beer were loaves of specially made bread. … Continue reading →

The Pilgrims landed for beer

A little post-holiday-yet-Thanksgiving-related beer history: American History Shaped by Colonial Beer Run. The Pilgrims landed where they did (Plymouth Rock), which by the whims of history gave us the tradition and holiday of Thanksgiving, because they needed beer.

Thanksgiving beers

Slashfood beat me to the punch and points to a BeerAdvocate article on Thanksgiving beer pairings. Hors d’oeuvre HourKick things up a notch with a moderate level of hops. The hoppy characters in Pale Ales will pair nicely with salads, a slew of cheese varieties, fruits, and many hors d’oeuvres, without overwhelming any flavors. But don’t go too bitter. * Anchor Liberty Ale* Harpoon IPA* Smuttynose’s Shoal’s Pale Ale* Sierra Nevada Pale Ale DinnerEating poultry, … Continue reading →

Pfiff! on Samichlaus

Pfiff! has a fun post on one of the strongest of beers, Samichlaus. Unlike most beers that strive for this level of strength, Hürlimann’s crown jewel is not highly hopped, resulting in a brew that (when drank young) is seriously sweet, rich, and chewy, to the point where you wouldn’t be surprised to see it poured over an ice cream sundae. That reminds me, I still have a bottle of Samichlaus in the pantry…