Monthly Archives: October 2005

On caffeinated beers

The title of this post refers to this article that reviews three energy drink "beers" (You got beer in my Red Bull! You got Red Bull in my beer!): Budweiser B-to-the-E, Tilt also from Anheuser-Busch, and Sparks from Steel Brewing Company. Of the three products I tried, only Budweiser E is a beer at face value. Tilt (another Anheuser Bush product) and Sparks (Steel Brewing Company) bill themselves as a "premium malt beverage�." With ingredients … Continue reading →

Wreck the Halls

Tried Full Sail‘s Wreck the Halls (a 2004 limited edition beer) this evening. For some reason, when I bought it (earlier this year), I was under the impression that it was a barleywine, but it only weighs in at 6.5% alcohol, much too low for a barleywine. BeerAdvocate classifies it as an American IPA, but I’m not sure I agree with this assessment; I didn’t get any of the usual IPA characteristics when drinking it. … Continue reading →