Monthly Archives: October 2005

Banning Bad Elf?

The state of Connecticut is trying to ban Seriously Bad Elf beer because—get this—they think the label might entice children to drink the beer. I kid you not: State wants to ban beer import because of elf on label: The state believes it would be really awful for kids to see the label on the British import Seriously Bad Elf. It shows a mean-looking elf with a slingshot firing Christmas ornaments at Santa’s sleigh as … Continue reading →

Beer fights cancer!

Well, it does, but only a little bit. It’s really the chemical xanthohumol, found in trace amounts in hops, that appears to fight cancer. Here’s the full story from KATU News. "Xanthohumol is one of the more significant compounds for cancer chemoprevention that we have studied," said Fred Stevens, a researcher with OSU’s Linus Pauling Institute and an assistant professor of medicinal chemistry in the College of Pharmacy. "The published literature and research on its … Continue reading →

Beers for Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us, and I’ve been thinking about appropriate beers for the season. This is becoming something of a series, since I’ve also written about Valentine’s Day beers and St. Patrick’s Day, and I’ll probably follow up with other major holidays. Anyway, the first beer the comes to mind as the perfect Halloween beer is Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale. It was originally created to celebrate the Mayan Day of the Dead on November … Continue reading →

Back from Florida

We made it back from Florida over the weekend, missed hurricane Wilma by two days and otherwise had an uneventful time. Didn’t get to sample any local beer or anything, I’m sorry to say. Even worse, I could have had a chance to meet Chris of Hail the Ale!, but since I had no internet connection I missed the boat on that one. Well, maybe next time…

Off to Florida tomorrow

Ah, we’re quite the travelers this year: tomorrow we’re flying out to Florida for a week. We’ll be visiting my wife’s grandparents near Fort Lauderdale and yes, taking some time to drive up to Orlando for Disney World. It probably goes without saying that I won’t be online much, or at all. We’re taking the laptop, but time and connectivity may not permit much. I’m not too devastated by this. And from a beer standpoint, … Continue reading →