Breweries helping in the aftermath of Katrina

It’s good to see breweries pitching in and helping in whatever way they can in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Here’s a few pointers: Anheuser-Busch brewery bottling water for hurricane relief: AB has got several of their breweries canning drinking water and delivering it to the Gulf Coast. Here’s a … Continue reading

Oktoberfest skirts

Hail the Ale is reporting that "German designers want male drinkers at Oktoberfest in Munich to wear skirts this year." Oktoberfest Frock. Er… that’s just too strange. Actually, "Oktoberfest Frock" sounds like a good name for a beer. How long before someone brews it?

Cruise ship beers

Since going on the cruise I’ve been thinking about beers on cruises. As I mentioned, the beer menu on our cruise had a paltry selection: Miller, Coors, Bud, and the couple of breakouts Bass Ale and Foster’s Lager. (There was probably Heineken and Beck’s, too, I don’t recall for sure.) … Continue reading

Granville Island beers

We only spent a night (and part of a morning) in Vancouver, B.C., not enough time to find out if and where any breweries existed there. At least, not until we ate at a restaurant and I found the Granville Island Brewery on the menu. (Incidentally, the restaurant was Joe … Continue reading

A couple articles

Some pointers to a couple of offbeat articles (still going through my backlog of beer news): Bring back the gusto!: An essay on the word "gusto" and how Schlitz ruined it in the 1960’s: Although the ”gusto” campaign ended almost 40 years ago, the damage to the word was done. … Continue reading