Monthly Archives: September 2005

Village Voice’s New York microbrewery roundup

The Village Voice has a good roundup of New York microbreweries here. Not a huge article, but it highlights and links to 10 breweries, only a couple of which I’d heard of before.

More breweries with Katrina aid

Abita Brewing Company just north of New orleans is brewing a special beer and offering special merchandise to raise money for Katrina aid, reports the Beer Travelers blog and Half Moon Bay Brewing Company is matching donations dollar for dollar for disaster relief. Cambridge Brewing Company is hosting a Katrina benefit Mardi Gras on October 8th, donating a portion of the sales. Sprecher Brewing Company has donation links set up on their website and … Continue reading →

Guess what? It’s almost Oktoberfest!

It’s creeping up on us: Oktoberfest starts this Saturday, September 17th, and ends on October 2nd. I don’t have much to say on Oktoberfest itself that I didn’t say last year (I really like what I wrote, so why try to improve on that?), so I’ll just start doling out links. Raise a stein to Oktoberfest: article about The Great Escape‘s Oktoberfest celebration, in Lake George, New York. Get Out the Lederhosen and Steins: press … Continue reading →

Visiting Alaskan Brewing

While in Juneau on the cruise, we took a taxi to the Alaskan Brewing Company to see the operation, drink some beer and buy some souvenirs. And take some pictures, of course. Read on for the full review and photos.


Sounds a little strange, but: a French farmer has created a milk beer. The new drink, Lactiwel, made from milk and malt, contains 2% alcohol and is brewed using a fermentation process similar to that of traditional beer, except that instead of ale or lager yeast, Bernard uses kefir (Turkish milk product) yeast and lactic bacteria. Sounds like it might be similar to kumis, a fermented mare’s milk found in Central Asia. First found reference … Continue reading →