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USA Today on ‘Extreme’ beers

USA Today has an article on extreme beers—for some values of "extreme." Though smarter marketing and better quality control have laid the foundation for the surge in interest, the true excitement is generated by brewers unleashing their creativity and honing their craft. Recent brewing trends include aging beers in wood barrels to give them winelike complexity; incorporating unusual ingredients such as maple syrup, raisins, chocolate and sweet potatoes; and boosting the level of hops and … Continue reading →

The best news for North Carolina

Even better than earlier good news: The Senate gave final approval to up the alcohol level to 15% (from six). The only possible snag they face now is if their governor vetoes it. Is that likely?

PBR in Portland

On Sunday the Oregonian ran an article called The Pabst and the present, where the author tries to get to the bottom of the surge in popularity of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in Portland. Neal Stewart, the marketing director for Pabst, said the Portland phenomenon had perplexed the folks at Pabst as well. In 2000-01, they noticed that Portland sales of PBR were growing, without any marketing or explanation. "It just started skyrocketing." So Stewart, … Continue reading →

Good news for North Carolina

According to the AP Wire, N.C. Senate gives initial OK to removing alcohol cap on beverages. The article is careful to point out that the approval is tentative, but still, that’s progress. North Carolina may get the limit raised to 15 percent (from six). I realized also why I was taking an interest in North Carolina beer politics… my brother may well be relocating there soon. He’d definitely appreciate a raised limit :)… See also: … Continue reading →

Back in March I pointed to a couple of beer podcasts. I hadn’t really looked around for any more since then, but another site flitted onto my radar tonight: I haven’t listened to any of their ‘casts yet, but this is their welcome message: Our podcast is an internet radio broadcast about good beers, good food, good friends, and good fun. We talk with guests from around North America and around the world—brewers, growers, … Continue reading →