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Ale alchemy

I really like this article on homebrewing: Ale alchemy. It’s a good overview of the craft, an interview with and profile of a guy running a homebrew supply shop, and even an interesting source of homebrew trivia/oddities. Martin poured the dregs of the beer, murky with yeast, into a shot glass. It tasted smooth and sweet. "Usually, the brewer drinks the sediment. It’s really good for you, mostly vitamin B, and it’ll keep you from … Continue reading →

North Carolina Senate committee approves raising beer alcohol limit

Over in North Carolina, a Senate committee has approved a bill raising the alcohol-content limit of beer (see Repealing North Carolina’s beer laws). The Senate Commerce Committee recommended the bill to the full chamber after little debate – a contrast to the hand-wringing within the House before its approval in May. At the time, the bill was nearly detoured as some legislators tried to raise the tax on higher alcohol-content beers to levels comparable with … Continue reading →

Mount Carmel Brewing Company

This is like every serious homebrewer’s dream: the Mount Carmel Brewing Company, in Cincinnati, is being run out of the guy’s basement. This is a great article on it: Somehow, the term "microbrewery" doesn’t capture just how small the tri-state’s newest commercial brewer is. If the Oldenburg Brewery in Fort Mitchell and the BarrelHouse Brewing Co. in Over-the-Rhine were microbreweries, then Mount Carmel Brewing Co. is at best a minibrewery … maybe a micro-minibrewery. The … Continue reading →

Beer lab

This is a cool idea: Brewing establishment offers laboratory for amateurs: Coffill’s place of employment is a do-it-yourself brewing establishment known as IncrediBREW at 112 Daniel Webster Highway in Nashua, N.H. With his assistance, green amateurs are routinely taught the finer points of transforming malts, hops and barley into genuine homemade beer. While Coffill concedes he is a bit of an aficionado, he said brewing can enhance beverage appreciation in general. "Once you know what … Continue reading →

Goose Island beer in New York

Goose Island beers have (finally?) turned up in New York City, according to this article in New York Daily News. Kind of a puff piece, but good news for New Yorkers. Two weeks ago, four of the Gooses – Geese? – showed up at local stores in bottled form: Honker’s Ale, India Pale Ale, Demolition Ale and Pere Jacques. They are swell. Appropriately, for beers out of Chicago, they toddle across your taste buds, each … Continue reading →