Monthly Archives: July 2005

Better late than never

Wired News is running a story about Vores Ol, the "open source" Danish beer. This, a good six months after both Alan and I (and Boing Boing) first blogged about it. Was it a slow news day for Wired? (Updated from "Dutch" to the correct "Danish.")

Portland for the weekend

Nothing huge, we’re just heading up to Portland for the weekend, so the lack of content around here will continue for a few more days. Or not—we are taking the laptop so I’ll be checking in, and even posting if something good comes up.

Samuel Adams Utopias

I’ve seen pointers to this floating around the internets today, so I thought I’d pick them up: Samuel Adams Utopias beer (no direct link, it’s a non-linky Flash site). It’s a limited edition, and this sucker’s a monster: 25% alcohol by volume! And, what’s making the news is that it sells for at least $100 per bottle. Can’t be sold in a number of states, due to legal restrictions. Oregon is one of those. Damn, … Continue reading →

Map of streetcar-accessible brewpubs in Portland

An excellent post on Rooftop Brew today—Andy’s put together a PDF "map of beer bars and brewpubs in downtown Portland that are accessible by streetcar. The brewpubs and beer bars were selected based on’s Beerfly guide (of which I’m a local guide), which only includes brewpubs or bars that focus on craft beers." That is undeniably one of the sweetest things I’ve seen lately. Here’s a direct link to the PDF map.

Raising the alcohol limit in NC stalled

Perhaps I spoke too soon? The bill to raise the limit of alcohol in beer in North Carolina has been stalled in the Senate. There’s a couple of good articles on it here and here. Apparently the Senator stalling the bill is worried about "underage drinking." Riiiight. But on the Senate floor, opponents said stronger beers would enhance underage drinking and drunken driving. "It doesn’t make sense to me that we should try to perpetrate … Continue reading →