Monthly Archives: June 2005

How to drink a Guinness

This is classic: A Guide For The Un-Initated To Buying Guinness In An Irish Pub. 3 The barman will fill the glass between 70% and 80% capacity. It will then be put to the side for a few moments to allow it “to settle”. Once the brownish liquid has almost turned to a solid black the barman will then fill the rest of the glass. NB: do not under any circumstances take the glass before … Continue reading →

Trademarking Yellowstone?

Litigation is in the air! As detailed here, some Missouri-based company has demanded two separate Montana brewers cease and desist usage of the name "Yellowstone"—apparently this Missouri company, which makes alcoholic products, trademarked the name "Yellowstone Bourbon" and is now trying to go after Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company and Yellowstone Beer Company. Sounds incredibly shady: Last year, David Sherman Corp. of St. Louis threatened Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co. of Billings, asking it to stop using … Continue reading →

Pakistan’s only brewery

Here’s an interesting article about Pakistan’s only brewery, the Murree Brewery: The Murree Brewery, established in 1861 to slake the thirst of British soldiers across the Indian subcontinent, lost much of its market when Pakistan won independence nearly 60 years ago, but it still prospers as the Islamic country’s only licensed beer-maker. Despite a law that bars Muslims – about 97 per cent of Pakistan’s 150 million people – from drinking alcohol, business is brisk. … Continue reading →

Beer archaeology

As the title suggests, a couple of historical-archaeological beer-related stories to post about. The first is from the Portland Communique, an historical footnote about Skidmore Fountain in Portland (Oregon), located between SW Burnside and Ankeny, and between 1st and Front. In 1888, for the unveiling ceremony for the fountain, brewer Henry Weinhard offered to fill the fountain with free beer for a day. Imagine, free beer flowing from a fountain… Anyway, he was turned down. … Continue reading →

Star Bock follow-up

Kind of a downer follow-up to my Star Bock post the other day: Star Bock brewer’s bar closes after wife dies. So even if he wins, he loses. That’s tough.