Brewpub at OSU opposed

According to this Register-Guard article, plans to open a McMenamins brewpub in Corvallis, at the Oregon State University campus, are being opposed: They want to lease space for a new brewpub right across the street from Gill Coliseum. But student body president Kristen Downey said introducing alcohol into an undergraduate … Continue reading

Mondial de la bière

Now here’s a festival that got my attention: Mondial de la bière, in Montréal, June 1 through 5. Some 340 beers and a beer conference even, featuring six beer experts holding 45-minute seminars. Sounds très cool. The beer experts at the conference ("Conference MBeer05") are Stephen Beaumont, Jean-Claude Colin, Mario … Continue reading

Finding good beer in Bend

Just a quick note about finding good beer in Bend (not counting the microbreweries—I’m talking about bottled beer). While I’ve found that most of the grocery stores now carry most "mainstream" microbrews and imports, the two stores that have the widest selection, including a good number of unusual beers, are … Continue reading

Boston Tea Party Ale

This article spotlighted an unusual beer from Boston Beer Works (one of the most unusable websites I’ve seen): Boston Tea Party Ale. Apparently it’s brewed with a lot of tea, and served over ice. Beer Works doesn’t seem to be pandering to micro-brew-loving snobs with this one – except that … Continue reading