Iron Horse Brewery

There’s a short review from Seattle Weekly about the new Iron Horse Brewery, located in Ellensburg, Washington. Crammed as efficiently as possible, Unit 4 is an immaculate little 15-barrel brewhouse acquired from a defunct Indiana firm. Owner Jim Quilter, as affable as his beers are quaffable, runs the operation with … Continue reading

Olde Saratoga Brewing

Short but interesting article about the Olde Saratoga Brewing Company, based in Saratoga Springs, New York, yet owned by Mendocino Brewing Company, which is based in California. By itself, I don’t find that to be unusual; but a third of the beer they brew is for Mendocino Brewing—so a microbrewery … Continue reading

Spruce beer

Here’s a little puff piece on spruce beer, in Alaska. It delves into a little history—dealing with sailors and scurvy—and even contains a recipe (I’m thinking it’s a pretty old recipe): Boil 10 gallons (45.5 liters) of water, six pounds (2.7 kilograms) of molasses, and three ounces (85 grams) of … Continue reading

National Homebrew Day

Saturday, May 7 is National Homebrew Day! Yes, that’s a real holiday; it was officially recognized by Congress on May 7, 1988, and it’s always the first Saturday of May. Here’s the RateBeer article that clued me in, and here’s the Big Brew celebration page on the Brewers Association website. … Continue reading

Rebuilding Alamogordo Brewing Company

Here’s a story about the rebuilding of the microbrewery that became the Alamogordo Brewing Company, in New Mexico; basically it’s a longtime homebrewer’s dream job, becoming the brewmaster for a local brewpub. While he said the restaurant does not pay him as brewmaster, it did offer the enticing opportunity to … Continue reading

The science of German beer

Kind of an interesting article on German beer and the Institute for Brewing Technology in Weihenstephan. Although the title of the article would seem to indicate more, well, science, it’s more about the Institute and the kind of people who are enrolling… It was the almost 1,000 years of brewing … Continue reading

St. Peter’s Organic Ale

Back around the holidays I picked up a variety of specialty beers, including a couple in unique flask-shaped bottles from a brewery I’d not heard of before: St. Peter’s Brewery, in Suffolk, England. Last night I drank one of the two I bought, their Organic Ale. Overall, not bad. First … Continue reading

Monastic brewery

BeerAdvocate reports that two monasteries near Santa Fe, New Mexico are planning on opening a brewery. Although the concept is not new, European monasteries have been brewing beer for centuries, it’s believe that The Abbey Beverage Company could be the first monastic brewery in the western-hemisphere. American Abbey Ale? Interesting…

Deschutes Brewery’s Bond Street series

Deschutes Brewery is launching their Bond Street Series of limited-edition beers released in 22-ounce bottles. Big news for us (local) Deschutes fans… from their homepage blurb: The Bond Street Series, a year-round rotating selection, highlights Deschutes’ Public House ales originally featured throughout the years at our pub on Bond Street. … Continue reading

Food Network needs a beer show

Maybe it’s just me, but I think Food Network really needs a show about beer. No specific subtopic; one episode could be exploring a particular beer style or microbrewery, another could be on homebrewing. The sky’s the limit, really. My only prerequisite? Don’t dumb it down for the audience. Man, … Continue reading