Monthly Archives: March 2005

Beer Podcasts

Poking around, I came across a few sites in the directory that have beer podcasts. The Good Beer Show Screwtops Okay, actually only these two appear to actually be related to beer or brewing—the others I checked out are mostly just guys drinking beer and talking about everything else. Anyone else doing this, or have pointers to sites doing it? I’m more interested in podcasts that are about beer, not because of beer. Wondering … Continue reading →

St. Arnold Brewing Company

Hot on the heels of my Beer Saints post the other day comes this article about a saint and the brewery named after him: St. Arnold Brewing Company. Legend says St. Arnold of Metz, the patron saint of brewers, advised people to avoid water and drink beer. "From man’s sweat and God’s love, beer came into the world," he is recorded as saying. St. Arnold lived from 580 to 640. He became bishop of Metz, … Continue reading →

Michael Jackson visits Philly

Yep, that’s the topic of an entire article online. Michael Jackson (the beer guy… not the singer) has been visiting Philadelphia for 15 years for an annual beer tasting event… okay, so it’s not big news unless you live in Philly. I bet it’s a fun deal anyway. And it’s a decent profile of The Beer Hunter. On Friday [March 11], Jackson, 62, a British native who lives in London, hosts a three-course dinner at … Continue reading →

Profile on North County breweries

North County Times has a good profile of North County (San Diego) breweries and the brewing climate there. The highlight brewery is Stone Brewing—one I wish I’d thought to visit when we went to San Diego last year. Microbrewers say their best advertisements are the beers themselves — richer, stronger and far more individualistic than the factory-produced pablum pushed at Joe Six-Pack. When the commercials get more attention than the product itself, that’s a problem. … Continue reading →

Mountain Town Station review

From the Lansing State Journal comes a review of the Mountain Town Station Brewing Company that sounds neat. Mountain Town Station Brewing Company and Steakhouse, 506 W. Broadway, is housed in a former railroad depot and offers a cool, charming dining experience…. Mountain Town brews eight beers; a sampler platter ($5.95) lets you try 6 ounces of six beers. The Railyard Raspberry Wheat is a light American wheat beer mixed with more than 250 pounds … Continue reading →