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Press Release: Five of Top 50 Breweries Call Oregon Home

Five of Country’s Top 50 Brewing Companies Call Oregon Home Two others have Oregon breweries Five of the 50 largest brewing companies in the United States are based in Oregon, according to figures released today by the Brewers Association. The Boulder, Colo.-based association tracks production figures for all breweries in the country. Five Oregon breweries made the Top 50 list, with two other brewing companies with Oregon ties also on the list. Widmer Brothers Brewing … Continue reading →

Press Releases

The other day I got an email from Brian Butenschoen of the Oregon Brewers Guild asking if I’d like to be added to their press list. Of course I said yes—now I’m a media outlet! 🙂 Anyway, I got my first press release in email today, which I’ll post in its entirety. Oh, and most of these press releases will have an Oregon slant to them, obviously, coming from the Oregon Brewers Guild and all. … Continue reading →

Cascade Lakes Brewing gets new head brewer

From today: New brewer at Cascade Lakes Brewing Company. Cascade Lakes Brewing Co. has appointed Mark Henion Head Brewer in charge of all brewing operations. Mr. Henion left Deschutes Brewery after helping grow the Brewery from approximately 13,000 – 113,000 bbls annually beginning his career washing kegs and eventually holding the title as Brewmaster in April of 2003 after a nine year tenure. Cascade Lakes Brewing Company is located in Redmond (Oregon), with a … Continue reading →

St. Patrick’s Day beer guide

If there’s any one holiday that has anything to do with beer, it is of course St. Patrick’s Day, and I’d be remiss by not blogging about it—even though I’m blogging a week early. The Hail the Ale! blog has a St. Patrick’s Day Beer Guide listing some beers you should have for the day. The last one is a bit of a surprise; check it out.

Beer and spices and more

Beers brewed with spices, herbs, and vegetables is the topic of one of the latest articles on BellaOnline: Is Beer the Secret Spice of Life? It’s a pretty good article, and it starts with sweeping, lofty intentions: Cultures of the past, although geographically and temporally disconnected from each other, have an underlying theme attached to the creation of beer – to fermentation itself. Throughout anthropological and ethnobotanical research, the discovery that multiple cultures possessed similar … Continue reading →