Monthly Archives: March 2005

What happened to British pubs?

Another link from Rob: What happened to British pubs asks Bill Bryson. Bill Bryson, the bestselling travel writer, has lamented the decline of the traditional British pub, most of which, he says, have had classic old interiors ripped out and been turned into "run-of-the-mill bistros" Bryson believes that pubs are at the heart of British national identity and he worries that 24-hour drinking laws, due to come into force in November, could put even more … Continue reading →

Microscopic beer shots

From Rob at A Welsh View comes this link to Beer Shots: Microscopic views of beers from around the world. Not only are the pictures amazing, but I’m amazed at the sheer number and geographic range of beers they present.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patty’s Day for all you beer drinkers out there (non-beer drinkers too)! Grab a Guinness and enjoy it. And I’ve even got a link to share: Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day. According to that article, among other things, there are currently 376 breweries in the United States. And on a different note, any green beer drinkers out there? If you’re going to do that, make sure you add food coloring to a sufficiently light … Continue reading →


The Number One most important thing in homebrewing is sanitation. You can do almost everything else wrong and as long as your sanitation is good, you can still have a drinkable beer. You need to be religious about keeping everything clean. This point is reinforced in this article: Both Tinsen and Lowry stress the most important aspect of homebrewing is sanitation. Everything that comes in contact with the beer needs to be sterilized. If it’s … Continue reading →

Molson Kick

Molson unveils new lager with a different type of kick – caffeine: Molson Canada announced Sunday that you’ll soon be able to buy a beer with a different kind of kick – caffeine. Molson Kick is a lager that will contain guarana, a South American plant that’s a natural source of caffiene. The beer will be available throughout Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada beginning March 21 and in the Atlantic provinces on April 1. It … Continue reading →