Tasted my Pumpkin Ale

Opened up the first bottle of my Pumpkin Ale this evening. (I would have tried it last week, on Thanksgiving, but I was too sick.) It’s quite good. It has the hint of pumpkin pie spices in the aroma—not as much as I’d like, but it’s noticeable (perhaps next time … Continue reading

Silver Moon Brewing visit

Last Wednesday I spent some time with Tyler Reichert, who owns the local homebrew shop, The Home Brewer, and Silver Moon Brewing (see my previous entry here), and got a bit of tour of the new brewery/tasting room/retail store he’s opening up pretty soon. It’s very impressive though there’s still … Continue reading

More beer blogs

I came across another couple of beer blogs today: SudsPundit and The Beer Blog. Actually, I found SudsPundit first via Technorati (linking to me here) and The Beer Blog via SudsPundit. They both look pretty good; check ’em out.

Seasonals and Czech Brewers

Yes, back online tonight (finally!) after the long weekend. So, let’s get it started with three links I found interesting: Brewery responds to copyright fight with cheeky beer label: Bethlehem Brew Works had to rename their "Rudolph’s Reserve" seasonal ale because of a copyright dispute. The new name? Rude Elf’s … Continue reading

A Good Beer Blog

As is obvious, I don’t have much to write about beer at the moment. In the meantime, check out A Good Beer Blog. It’s quite, er, good.

Holiday Ale Festival in Portland

The Holiday Ale Festival is gearing up December 3rd through 5th in downtown Portland: The only beer festival in the Northwest to be held outdoors in the dark, cold and often wet month of December, the Holiday Ale Festival is heated and tented, and takes place in the heart of … Continue reading

Rogue Brewery Expanding

Seems to be a busy night for blogging, and for brewery renovations. Anyway, found this on the Newport News-Times: Rogue Ales breaks ground on brewery expansion. The $1.5 million brewery expansion project will add 30,000 square feet to the brewery and is the "final culmination of a major mistake" that … Continue reading

Bottled up the Pumpkin Ale

We bottled up the Pumpkin Ale this evening, after 8 days in the fermenter. Normally, I would have racked it to a secondary fermenter for another week or so, but I wanted to be able to open a bottle (or two, or three…) for Thanksgiving next week, so no biggie. … Continue reading

BridgePort Brewpub Closing for 10 Months

Andy pointed me to this story today: BridgePort BrewPub closing for 10-month renovation. BridgePort BrewPub, a Portland landmark, will close its doors on Dec. 23 for a 10-month renovation. …the remodel will retain the soul of the building, while broadening the appeal of the pub to the booming population of … Continue reading

Hamm’s Jingle Writer Dies

Ernie Garven, who wrote the jingle for Hamm’s beer about the "land of sky-blue waters" (in 1952!), died last week at age 90. Does anyone remember that jingle? Or even Hamm’s beer? I sure do, but I’m beginning to think I’m the only one. I busted out that song on … Continue reading