Monthly Archives: December 2004

Holiday beer gifts

Beer Advocate has a great article on Holiday Gifts for Beer Lovers. I like the first three ideas: Growler Pack Hit your local brewpub and pick up a fresh growler (or two) of beer. Most places will also sell branded pint glasses, so grab a pair of those, and then ask the bar for some new coasters to go along with them. While you’re at it, why not add a brewpub T-shirt? Then, when everything … Continue reading →

Homebrewers in the big-time

Interesting article in The Anchorage Press here about homebrewers having their recipes brewed by microbreweries. Converting a homebrew recipe to a beer for commercial production is not a matter of simply changing the proportions of ingredients. Certain things are gained and lost in the translation, and because yeast is perhaps the most important ingredient, it has to be just right. This article is about competitions in Alaska, but I’m sure there are others around the … Continue reading →


I though I’d write a bit about Samichlaus. Samichlaus is probably the ultimate Christmas beer—and has (I’ve heard) the highest alcohol content of any beer out there, to boot. At 14 percent alcohol by volume, I’d believe that. Samichlaus—which is Swiss-German for "Santa Claus"—is a dark lager brewed once a year, on December 6, and then bottled the following year. Yep, that’s nearly a full year of aging/lagering, and the result is a vintage batch … Continue reading →

9,000 year wine

Yes, it’s been a long week since I last posted. You can keep up with what’s been happening over on my other blog for all the gory details. This item isn’t necessarily about beer, but according to this article on, archaelogists have uncovered evidence that the Chinese were brewing alcoholic beverages—in this case wine—circa 7,000 BC. This would predate the rise of wine and beer in the Middle East if confirmed. Pretty cool; the … Continue reading →

Beer Yeast Plush Toy

The perfect gift this holiday season for the home brewer: a Giant Microbes Beer Yeast plush toy! It looks just like the real thing, and it’s only $5.95 to boot. Act now!