Monthly Archives: November 2004

Batch of Pumpkin Ale

I started a batch of my Pumpkin Ale this evening, five gallons of it, and now the house smells like sweet wort and pumpkin pie. I think it’ll turn out to be a good beer, no problems at all tonight, not even a runaway hot break (which leads to a potential boilover). The yeast I used is Wyeast‘s American Ale 1056, in the new, giant "Activator" smack pack. If it takes off as promised, I’m … Continue reading →

Pabst Brewing Remnants

Interesting story on the AP that I picked up from on the historical remnants being unearthed at the now-defunct Pabst headquarters. A yellowed visitors’ registry and vintage photographs uncovered in a basement storage area of the former brewing complex provide a link to the rich heritage of Pabst, once the nation’s largest brewer. A calendar on the wall in one corporate office is still turned to December 1996, when the brewing era came to … Continue reading →

Too far for a beer?

Too far for a beer? A woman has been arrested for digging up her dead boyfriend’s ashes from a cemetery more than 10 years ago and drinking the beer that was buried with him, possibly out of spite for his family, authorities say. I have to wonder: why was he buried with beer in the first place, and what kind was it? Via A Good Beer Blog.


The 2004 Jubelale from Deschutes Brewery has been out for about a month now, and it’s quite tasty. I hadn’t yet seen this year’s label though until my wife picked up a six-pack this week. Each year Deschutes commissions a (relatively) local artist to create a label for that year’s batch of Jubel. I really like the one they have this year: Kathleen Powers, a Portland artist who is influenced by 15th Century Flemish painting, … Continue reading →

Some November Events

The International Mead Festival is taking place November 5th and 6th (this weekend) in Boulder, Colorado. It bills itself as "the worlds’ largest and most prestigious mead competition and festival." Saturday, November 6th is the Georgia Craft Brew Challenge in Atlanta. This is interesting because in Georgia, apparently, beer can’t legally have more than 6 percent alcohol (by volume, I assume). So you can’t get barleywines, doppelbocks, strong ales, and the like there… This event … Continue reading →