Monthly Archives: November 2004

Bottled up the Pumpkin Ale

We bottled up the Pumpkin Ale this evening, after 8 days in the fermenter. Normally, I would have racked it to a secondary fermenter for another week or so, but I wanted to be able to open a bottle (or two, or three…) for Thanksgiving next week, so no biggie. It smells pretty good, and tastes pretty good too (even for a green beer). The final gravity is 1.014. So with the original gravity at … Continue reading →

BridgePort Brewpub Closing for 10 Months

Andy pointed me to this story today: BridgePort BrewPub closing for 10-month renovation. BridgePort BrewPub, a Portland landmark, will close its doors on Dec. 23 for a 10-month renovation. …the remodel will retain the soul of the building, while broadening the appeal of the pub to the booming population of the surrounding neighborhood. Changes include a bakery, a large glass atrium in the rooftop, expansion of the main bar to two stories, and the addition … Continue reading →

Hamm’s Jingle Writer Dies

Ernie Garven, who wrote the jingle for Hamm’s beer about the "land of sky-blue waters" (in 1952!), died last week at age 90. Does anyone remember that jingle? Or even Hamm’s beer? I sure do, but I’m beginning to think I’m the only one. I busted out that song on somebody at work not too long ago, and they looked at me like I was crazy. They didn’t even recognize the Hamm’s name. Oh well. … Continue reading →

Review of Old St. Francis School

Well, it’s sort of a review: over on my other blog I wrote about visiting the Old St. Francis School after work today (er, yesterday). Basically, it’s awesome. And there’s a little bit about beer, too. 🙂

Naming Beer

Looking for a way to gain notice of your beer and grow its popularity? Come up with a great, outstanding name. That, and relocate to Montana to brew—or at least that’s the inference from this article. The highlight beer of the article is "Olde Bongwater Hemp Porter" (from Kettlehouse Brewing Company in Missoula, Montana). Hmm. For small businesses trying to make a go of it in a competitive market, a good name is just as … Continue reading →