Monthly Archives: November 2004

More beer blogs

I came across another couple of beer blogs today: SudsPundit and The Beer Blog. Actually, I found SudsPundit first via Technorati (linking to me here) and The Beer Blog via SudsPundit. They both look pretty good; check ’em out.

Seasonals and Czech Brewers

Yes, back online tonight (finally!) after the long weekend. So, let’s get it started with three links I found interesting: Brewery responds to copyright fight with cheeky beer label: Bethlehem Brew Works had to rename their "Rudolph’s Reserve" seasonal ale because of a copyright dispute. The new name? Rude Elf’s Reserve. Nice. Ales for the seasons: Overview and roundup of some seasonal beers. Czech brewers defend their famous beer amid claims it is deteriorating: Trouble … Continue reading →

A Good Beer Blog

As is obvious, I don’t have much to write about beer at the moment. In the meantime, check out A Good Beer Blog. It’s quite, er, good.

Holiday Ale Festival in Portland

The Holiday Ale Festival is gearing up December 3rd through 5th in downtown Portland: The only beer festival in the Northwest to be held outdoors in the dark, cold and often wet month of December, the Holiday Ale Festival is heated and tented, and takes place in the heart of downtown Portland at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Highlights include on-site food, craft vendors selling unique handmade gifts, a root beer garden, appearances by Santa Claus and … Continue reading →

Rogue Brewery Expanding

Seems to be a busy night for blogging, and for brewery renovations. Anyway, found this on the Newport News-Times: Rogue Ales breaks ground on brewery expansion. The $1.5 million brewery expansion project will add 30,000 square feet to the brewery and is the "final culmination of a major mistake" that began in 1989, Joyce said. At that time, the brewery was housed in an 800-square-foot building on the Newport Bayfront and employed seven people. Rogue … Continue reading →