Monthly Archives: October 2004

Cask Beer Festival in Seattle

Coming up on October 30th is the Washington Brewers Guild‘s 5th Annual Cask Beer Festival, held in the Alki Room at Seattle Center, next to Key Arena. Sounds pretty interesting. More info from this article: Cask beer aficionados will convene at the Washington Brewer’s Guild event, now in its fifth year. It’s a great setup for beer tasting, limited to a small crowd of 250 during two four-hour sessions. "All the brewers who make … Continue reading →

San Diego Brewing Company

The other brewpub we made it to in Southern California (the first being Oggi’s) was San Diego Brewing Company, which apparently doesn’t have a website. Located in a strip mall (like much of San Diego), I wasn’t as impressed with it as with Oggi’s (read my Oggi’s review), but they do have an amazing selection of beers. That is, they have something like 50 different beers on tap, and of those, a half dozen or … Continue reading →

Fruit Beers

This article got me thinking about fruit beers. Love ’em or hate ’em? I’ve generally found that beer drinkers have the strongest opinions on fruit beer. Done right, of course, they are simply awesome (your mileage may vary). Done wrong, well… Some notably good fruit beers I’ve had include: Pyramid‘s Apricot Ale—on tap, though. The bottled version is simply average. Bert Grant’s Apple Honey Ale—also on tap. (This was many years ago.) Lindemans Framboise Lambic. … Continue reading →

Breweriana Primer

Interesting little article from about breweriana—basically just an introductory piece. "Breweriana" is simply a more complicated way of saying "beer collectibles." From the article ("It’s all about the beer"… heh): There are print ads, ashtrays, bottles, cans, caps, clocks, coasters, posters, tap handles, mirrors, coolers, hats, playing cards, tin signs (the older the more valuable), shirts, bar towels, drinking glasses, openers (either hand-held or the kind that attach to a wall) labels, patches, beer … Continue reading →

Beer health warnings

From the BBC News comes this article about how Scottish & Newcastle, the biggest brewer in the UK, is going to start putting health warnings on all of their beers. [The labels] will list the units of alcohol in each. It will add a message urging drinkers not to exceed "three to four units a day for men, two to three for women". The move comes as the UK Government targets binge and underage drinking, … Continue reading →