Monthly Archives: October 2004

MacTarnahan dies at 89

Robert Malcolm "Mac" MacTarnahan, patron saint to Portland Brewing, died Monday night. OregonLive has a pretty good article here. In 1985, he became enamored of Bert Grant’s pioneering brewery and brewpub — the first brewpub in America since Prohibition — in Yakima, Wash., and tried to buy into the business. But Grant told him that a couple of Portland guys were trying to set up their own craft, or small, brewery, so MacTarnahan met with … Continue reading →

More beer sites

Following up on my earlier post about beer-related websites, here’s some more. PubCrawler: A directory-type site that offers user reviews, decent enough brewery listings, upcoming events. Honestly, though, it makes my eyes bleed. RateBeer: User ratings of beer. Seems to have a better, more logical structure than the other similar types of sites; the events calendar is the best I’ve seen (color-coded by region: nice), with each event clickable to a detail page (as it … Continue reading →

Article on Silver Moon Brewing

This article on Silver Moon Brewing appeared in today’s Bend Bulletin (our local newspaper), detailing the new tasting room opening the end of November. That’s pretty cool, I know Tyler and he’s done really good work with the brew shop and his brewery. What will be different at the new space on Greenwood? I’ll have new tanks. It’s like the car you’ve always dreamed of. The main focus of the brewery will be distribution. We … Continue reading →

Some Oregon breweries not to be missed

Sorry for not updating the last couple of days, but I’m back for tonight with some of my favorite Oregon breweries that should be visited by any serious beer hunter. You could consider this a sort of brewery tour. Starting in my hometown of Bend, the Deschutes Brewery is the place to be. Located in Downtown Bend, it’s always fairly busy and if you don’t get there early in the evenings you’ll likely find yourself … Continue reading →

Another pumpkin ale recipe

Found another pumpkin ale recipe today on Usenet, an all-grain one named "Jack’s Lantern Pumpkin Ale." You can check it out here on Google Groups. Sounds like it might be pretty good.