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Over the weekend I got a couple of contact form submissions, two guys with links to share.

First is from Jason Mosley, who writes:

I just did my first beer review you can read it here, http://www.mrbaconpants.com/yuengling-traditional-lager/

It would be great if you could give me a plug on your site and maybe some tips to make me a better reviewer.


The review works for me; I expect as he gets experience with more beers, he’ll get more detailed in his reviews. Go check it out.

The second is from Eric Vernon. He writes:

I really like your site. If you start a blogroll, check out my blog: beardedbrewing.blogspot.com to see if you’d be interested in adding me to it.

Always like a new blog! I don’t have a "traditional" blogroll (who’s to say what a traditional blogroll even looks like any more?), but I do have something similar over on my reading list: it’s the list of all the beer blogs I subscribe to in Google Reader, and follow every day. (Google builds this list automatically for me.) I’ve added Eric’s blog, and you can see that I’m up to… good grief, 204 blogs! Wow.


  1. 204 blogs! I thought I had a lot of feeds at 60-ish! It must keep you busy reading through all those blogs. I know I can hardly keep up with the ones on my list.

    I noticed you do have my blog in there (http://www.brainardbrewing.com/blog/), which makes me feel good. In case you’re looking for another for your list, I have another blog at http://brainardbrewing.blogspot.com, called "My Life With Beer" (darn disallowed HTML tags). It is evolving to focus on just my homebrewing, but it is beer-related.

    I like your blog, keep it up!


  2. I had no idea there were so many craft-beer themed blogs out there. Time to update my RSS list! Feel free to add my new blog to the list: http://www.brewsweek.com if you think it’s worthy.

    I’d be interested to know what your readership numbers are, and how you initially promoted your blog. Any tips you could give us fledgling beerbloggers would be great!

  3. Keith- 204 *sounds* like a lot, but in reality a bunch of those are defunct and haven’t had posts in a long time… and most don’t post every day. So it’s manageable.

    And I just added your other blog, too…

  4. Wow, that is a lot of blogs! I started my own blog this month. I found I was forgetting some of the beers I had liked and wanted a way to record what I tasted.

    I also needed a place to record the homebrew batches my friend and I were starting. Feel free to add my site to your links if you would: http://ericsbrewlog.blogspot.com


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