18th Anniversary Pilsner

18th Anniversary Pilsner labelI got so tied up attending and writing about the Oregon Brewers Festival that I’m behind on posting my beer reviews. No matter. Tonight it’s Deschutes Brewery‘s 18th Anniversary Pilsner. This is one of their 22-ounce seasonals (the Bond Street Series), and weighs in at 5% alcohol by volume.

Appearance: Very pale yellow/gold/straw color. Super clear. One-quarter inch smooth white head.

Smell: Mild, grainy (bread). A little grassy. Very clean.

Taste: Bitter and mild, clean and steely. Good. Bitterness is very straightforward and crisp, but not too overpowering. Well-done on the hops.

Mouthfeel: Stronger body than expected. Good clean mouthfeel… cleansing.

I can’t help but notice as I write this up I used "clean" a lot. I’m not sure what that’s about… what I do know is that I rather liked this, and with it’s (relatively) low alcohol content, it makes for a good light drinkable lager, perhaps a session beer.

On BeerAdvocate, 9 reviewers have scored it 85 (out of 100), with 100% approval. On RateBeer, 13 reviews have it at 3.05 out of 5, only solidly average.

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  1. I also had problems not using "clean" for this beer. Proof that they’re doing the pilsner right though – not a single off-flavor and every bit tastes just right.

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